The Perch Inn!

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User Info: Gamerboy1102

9 years ago#1
Okay, so if anyone here has ever played Harvest Moon: Magical Melody, they'll know what the Perch Inn is. For those who don't, the Perch Inn was the one and only Inn in Magical Melody. Gwen and her uncle Doug lived there with their big St. Bernard (John or something), and Nami and the Gourmet stay there for a season too!

Anyway, I figured out that in this game you can call them! Just buy a telephone after the General Store is upgraded and dial the numbers "911" and you call them. Whether you call Doug or Gwen is unknown but by the way the person speaks, it's most likely Doug.

PS. If you were thinking about submitting this for an easter egg for the cheats section, don't bother. I've already done it and I'm like Cheat Submission #85 or something like that.... Lovely...
This user wishes Tiny Kong would've stayed tiny and not grown up. Now, her name is totally pointless and Nintendo totally screwed her up. Thanks again Nintendo!

User Info: Pheem

9 years ago#2
Yeah, I think there's also one or two other easter egg phone numbers you can call. Unfortunately, I don't remember who it was or what the numbers were :x

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