Where's Ben's Badge?

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User Info: HMToTGirl

8 years ago#1
I just completed the rainbow, but No badge? I am on ToT right now, so any help in me finding it would sure help! Thanks!

I was So happy I completed another rainbow, then, I get the surprise of getting NO BADGE!

Has anyone ofund it and can tell me where it is?

User Info: HMToTGirl

8 years ago#2
Oops. *found* Srry.

User Info: BellasHMT

8 years ago#3
I looked everywhere on the island after I did Collin's Rainbow but I can not find Ben's badge. Does anyone know where it is?

User Info: Bananabafilly

8 years ago#4
You have to talk to Ben about it, and he tells you he fell into a river. Then you scour the second Gull Island until you find it.
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User Info: BellasHMT

8 years ago#5
Thanx Bananabafilly, I found it.

User Info: Rohkey

8 years ago#6
Do you have to open the third rainbow before you can find the badge? I went to Gull Island, didn't see it (although I wasn't looking thoroughly).
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User Info: BellasHMT

8 years ago#7
After you open Collins Rainbow on West Gull Island you go to East Gull Island and find Ben's Badge on the beach. Walk toward the water a little.

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