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Question about Animal Festival: Ingredients for Rucksack Upgrade

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  3. Question about Animal Festival: Ingredients for Rucksack Upgrade

User Info: Milon

9 years ago#1
According to the guide, the following is how you can upgrade your Rucksack:


Upgrade #1 (15 slots) None (obtained free when Tailor Shop arrives)
Upgrade #2 (20 slots) Good Flax Yarn (2), Good Wool Yarn (2), Good Thread (2)
Upgrade #3 (25 slots) Yellow Flax Yarn (2), Red Wool Yarn (2), Green Thread (2)
Upgrade #4 (30 slots) Shining Flax Yarn (1), Shining Wool Yarn (1), Shining Thread (2)


According to the guide, you can buy Flax / Wool / Thread (2 of each) from the Animal Festival (Spring 28) for Upgrade # 2.

My question is: Can you buy 4 of each item (Flax / Wool / Thread) and use 2 of each for Upgrade # 2? Then dye the rest with the correct herb / flower color for Upgrade # 3? Is this gonna work?

User Info: PickleChick

9 years ago#2
I can't see any reason that wouldn't work. Do the dyeing first if you're really concerned about all your materials disappearing when you get upgrade #2.
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User Info: Milon

9 years ago#3
I would love to test this but I can't do it right away. I am still in the first season and if I buy 4 of each items, which cost about 8500, I would have no money left to build a barn and purchase a yarn / dye maker. I only have 8500 so far and it's already 28th and I have to make this decision right away.

Could someone who can test this let me know please?

User Info: Milon

9 years ago#4
Bump, anyone?

If not, I will just buy them all and find out the answer to this the hard way.

User Info: ncbarrett

9 years ago#5
When in doubt make a copy of your game.
If it doesn't work out revert to saved copy before you did it.

User Info: Ponzo

9 years ago#6
save first
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User Info: Milon

9 years ago#7
Ok, after 10 hours of non-stop playing to save up the money, I can finally test this.

Now, I can confirm that this works.

User Info: LunarForever

9 years ago#8
You can upgrade all the way to 25 slots the first summer, when they move in. Buy 4 of each (i bought 5 wools since I dyed one red for one of the rainbows) I've done this twice already. :)
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User Info: Nocterayne

9 years ago#9
Awesome! This'll help out a lot!
I was a bit put off that I had to build a barn and raise some sheep before I could unlock the next rainbow, but now I can just do this!
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  3. Question about Animal Festival: Ingredients for Rucksack Upgrade

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