Cakes for Thanksgiving Festival

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User Info: tayaleoni

9 years ago#1
Luke showed up this morning and gave me a spinach cake (ugh, I even like spinach but I'm reluctant to eat this cake). I only had two breadfruits in my fridge so my cakes are limited. Anyway here are my cake-related questions:

1) Can I give the spinach cake back to Luke, or will he know that I'm re-gifting?

2) If I give away the carrot cake I've been saving, when will be the next chance for me to buy (or make) another one? I don't have any carrots.

3) I made a "Sweet Potato Cake" which does not require a breadfruit and it doesn't really look like the other cakes. Does it still count as a cake?

4) Can I still give a cake to Jin even though he is married? I assume I can... but Jin is not really a sweets guy so I still want to get the Thanksgiving Festival response.

That's it I guess. Actually, wait, can I buy cakes from the Sundae Inn? I'm not sure if I've seen them for sale there....

User Info: tayaleoni

9 years ago#2
Alright I experimented and I'll answer some of my own questions.

You CAN re-gift the cake you receive in the morning.

Sweet Potato Cake does NOT count as cake. I got a regular "thanks" message instead of a "yay cake" message.

You CAN give cake to a married man.

Holy moly Owen does not seem to like cake. He said he'll accept it because it's thanksgiving but his reaction was less than ideal. I gave him Yam cake. Is there a kind of cake that he will eat?

Sundae Inn does NOT sell cake. What good are you!

Still not sure if I should give away my only carrot cake. I'm going to need it later but if I can buy it soon than it won't really matter.

User Info: DDJ

9 years ago#3
You can buy another Carrot Cake at the Winter Market, so you're good to give it away.;;
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