Husbands and Wives after Marriage

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User Info: DDJ

9 years ago#1
So, just curious, what do the various husbands and wives do after you've married them? Which ones keep working, which ones don't? Does Kathy still work at the bar at night? Does Gill still work behind the counter at Town Hall?

I don't mean for answers to those questions specifically, I'd just like to put a section of my guide centered around what the spouses do after marriage. The main reason I didn't marry my first choice in Magical Melody (Eve) was because she worked in the bar until midnight even after marriage, so I'd like to include things like that for people who that will matter to.;;
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User Info: misskatie19

9 years ago#2
I got married to Gill and everyday except on days when special events happen (ie. weddings, etc...) he gives me a boxed lunch that varies in quality like produce and milk. This I sell to make money, and I'm not sure what the value of these are. Gill continues to work at Town Hall and on sunday, his day off, instead of normally going to Maple Lake District and hanging around the church he goes to his Father's, Mayor Hamiltion's, and stays there all day.

User Info: azureflame_577

9 years ago#3
Luke still hangs out at the forest near Dale's Carpentry. He leaves the house at about 7 am and gets back at 6 pm. He hangs out in the Caramel River district on Saturday, his day off.

He stays in the house all day when the weather is bad (thunderstorm, etc). I know he goes out to the Art Festival, and I think he goes out for the Flea Market as well. He usually stays home all day when it's a festival like the Starry Night Festival.

Hope that was somewhat helpful.
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User Info: iSelphy

9 years ago#4
Luna's schedule XD Now I feel like a stalker. I love my wife! ><

6:00-10:30 Luna stays home.
10:30-12:00 Luna hangs out on the path to Waffle Town in Caramel River Area
12:00-1:00 Luna walk to the front of Sundae Inn
1:00-1:40 Luna stands around the front of Sundae Inn
1:40-5:30 Luna hangs out inside Sundae Inn
5:30-7:00 Luna goes to path towards Waffle Town from Caramel River Area and hangs out
7:00-8:00 Luna walks home to house on Hilltop
8:00-10:00 Luna stays at home
10:00 Luna sleeps.
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User Info: LunarForever

9 years ago#5

Read my script DJ :) Some info on Candace and tommorrow I'll update it with more post-marriage stuff
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User Info: VenomousX

9 years ago#6
Owen still goes to the mines to work. He leaves the house around 7am (He stays home on his days off) then heads to the maple lake district, then to the mines. He doesn't return home until late at night ; ; (around 10:30pm, I see him walking towards the house and by the time I'm inside he's in bed xD)
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User Info: Stormfeather

9 years ago#7
Hrm, I'll have to take notes I guess of exact times and all, but Julius follows pretty much the same schedule as before (I think he might leave the house a bit later though), except instead of sometimes going to the tailor shop when he's not at work, he goes to the Church.
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User Info: Stormfeather

9 years ago#8
Alright, this is what I've got so far for Julius. Gotta snoop around for the bad weather days, and the other holidays (if they're different)...

Note that I did get a few weird results, like him entering a new area at 7:40 instead of 7:30, but I think that was a result of me entering and leaving the area he was in or something, and that screwed it up. So I'm just rounding to the nearest half-hour.

Normal Workday (non-Monday, non-holiday, sunny or cloudy weather):
-6:00am - Home
-7:30am - Leaves home (Caramel River District)
-8:00am - Enters Maple Lake District
-8:30am - Enters Ganache Mine District
-9:00am - Enters Ramsey the Blacksmith's (for work)
-5:30pm - Leaves work (Ganache Mine District)
-7:00pm - Enters Maple Lake District
-8:30pm - Enters Caramel River District
-9:30pm - Enters House for the night
(He goes to bed at 10:30pm, this seems to hold true for every day I've checked so far, no matter the rest of his schedule.)

Normal Mondays:
-6:00am - Home
-9:00am - Leaves home (Caramel River District)
-11:00am - Enters Maple Lake District
-1:00pm - Enters Church
-6:30pm - Leaves Church (Maple Lake District)
-8:00pm - Enters Caramel River District
-9:30pm - Enters House for the night

Winter Flea Market (where he's a seller):
-6:00am - Leaves home (basically, he's like "okay, here's your lunch" *boom* out the door.)
-7:30am - Enters Waffle Town
-8:30am - Enters Waffle Square Area (to sell at flea market - note, you apparently can't buy from him here!)
-6:00pm - Leaves Flea Market (Waffle Town)
-7:00pm - Enters Caramel River District
-9:30pm - Enters House for the night

Starry Night Festival:
-His schedule here is actually the same for his Monday schedule. Except that, obviously, he magically teleports to Brownie Ranch at night if you're meeting him for the date. ;)

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User Info: Stormfeather

9 years ago#9
Oh shoot, and I meant to add to my post:

For the Winter Thanksgiving (I happened to remember this) his gift to me was a Pumpkin Cake and a Rose. I don't know if that changes before/after marriage, but I doubt it. And that just seems like the type of info you'd probably want for a Character FAQ.

While I'm at it, any other specific things you can think of that you want recorded, other than general schedules? (Well, likes/dislikes I guess, but then I'm already working on those for Julius...)
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User Info: fable_king1

9 years ago#10
Renee quits her job and will go to souffle farm on normal days, but doesn't buy anything. She gives me a boxed lunch of varying quality daily, usually in a pattern, (decent, good. perfect, decent, decent, good, good, perfect, perfect, decent, decent, decent...)
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