Thanksgiving Festival?

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User Info: KrafyKidette

9 years ago#1
I am curious about this Thanksgiving Festival, I am in year 2 and I didnt have one in year 1. It was not on my calendar. So my question is, how do u get this Festival, do you have to be married? Or do you have to have a different calendar? Lol...not sure what is up!

User Info: Froglion

9 years ago#2
It isn't shown on the calendar, I'm not sure why. But its there.
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User Info: Stormfeather

9 years ago#3
Yeah, basically it's just an unmarked festival...

*Spoilers I guess... details*

if someone of the opposite gender likes you a lot, he or she will show up at your door in the morning with cake and a flower (or if you're married, your spouse will give them to you at around 6pm if you enter your house). And if you give cake to the marriage candidates on that day, they'll say something about the festival.
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User Info: MrsHighlander

9 years ago#4
My understanding is that the eligible bachelor/bachelorette with the highest heart level(has to be a minimum of 3 hearts though) will show up at your door at 6am with cake and flowers. You then need to give them cake and flowers sometime during the day. Also recommended is giving cakes to everyone in town-chocolate is the preferred. If you don't have any bachelors/bachelorettes at 3 hearts, you won't receive anything from anybody.

User Info: KrafyKidette

9 years ago#5
So, ok...I am married to Toby. So who am I supposed to give the cake to? Him? Does anyone know any recipes to cake that I can make for him, if that is what i am supposed to do?
Also, what special happens on this Festival, like can you buy things or does anything...idk, "special" happen? Lol.. .:FTW:.

User Info: FullMetalPanic

9 years ago#6
It's more like a tradition in the Town than a festival. I'm pretty sure it's on Winter 10th.
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User Info: Omni024

9 years ago#7
I know I'm a two-timer, but I gave the Strawberry Cake Anissa gave me to Renee.

User Info: JaydeWiz

9 years ago#8
Yeah, it was weird. I woke up and Selena was at my door with a piece of cake. I had no clue what was going on, because she was at 7 hearts, and I didn't think there was a "7-heart" event. It was only after I had gone to bed and saved that I figured out what was going on.
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User Info: samuricex

9 years ago#9
Does anyone know what happens if you give the girls' cakes back to them? I don't mean giving another girl's cake to another girl, I mean giving a girl her own cake back.
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User Info: KrafyKidette

9 years ago#10
Awsome! Thanx for all the help!

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