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User Info: chocobogirl17

8 years ago#1
i have tried late at night at the goddess pond thing so many times >_<
i have lvl 3 fishing and the basic pole, if that makes a difference...
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User Info: Nemesis457

8 years ago#2
it took me a while to catch one. look for fishes in the water, sometimes that helps. ive only ever caught one, and i went back a few times thinking i could make a quick buck, but no dice.
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User Info: AshleyTX

8 years ago#3
Just keep trying and trying.
It took me MANY nights of fishing at the Goddess Pond/Spring and getting not a single bite, and then one night I got the Wood Fish!

I think it's random, but maybe you should get a better pole?


User Info: Revel1

8 years ago#4
Basic Pool? Wouldn't catching a woodfish with a basic pole require 1750 stamina? (max is 1000) need atleast a silver I'd assume (700 stamina)
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User Info: Hexforester

8 years ago#5
I caught one with a basic pole... or maybe it was iron, but still, but it was lvl 4 so I'm not sure if that made a difference...
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User Info: kevin_jiriki

8 years ago#6
Not to be a prick here... but I caught mine the first day of winter. It only took about 5 or 6 casts with a lvl 3 rod to get a bite.

My advice, save right before you leave for the Pond. If you don't catch it within a reasonable amount of time, just reload and try again. I caught mine around 3am, but I didn't leave my house until 9pm...

User Info: SimGamesFan24

8 years ago#7

I upgraded my rod to copper and it was at level three.It took me almost all night to catch it,but I caught it on my thrird try.And if It helps,you might want to try fishing in the middle of the left side of the pond.

User Info: masterofmon

8 years ago#8
I got mine the second night I tried =]

First bite, too.
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User Info: Darth Gecko

Darth Gecko
8 years ago#9
I caught one around 9:00 PM with a lvl 3. silver rod.
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User Info: kevin_jiriki

8 years ago#10
lol. I seem to fall into the "easily caught a woodfish but can't find a tuna" camp.

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