Giving Cake on Thanksgiving

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User Info: PeachSmoothie

8 years ago#1
Does giving cake give any extra points in terms of friendship? Since it's not an official festival, but everyone in town talks about it.

I had given some cakes out to certain people, but when I gave one to Owen, he actually lost a heart, and is now at nine. I didn't know he was so adverse to sweets, but he seemed okay when I offered it to him.

Some other people on the board have said that you should give a cake to the person you're trying to woo, but that backfired with Owen. Anyone know more about the festival?

User Info: JEMillais

8 years ago#2
I’m not really sure if the cakes carry any sort of extra friendship boost or not, but I do know that the kind of cake a potential spouse gives you is also the kind of cake they enjoy receiving.

That’s kind of odd, though. I guess even though some people seem to appreciate the gesture, their likes/dislikes still come into play.
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