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User Info: Mouse67

8 years ago#1
So I just found out about Taylor's seeds, I have a phone..have created 3 rainbows and I'm in my 2nd year. When I call Taylor's seed shop i get a message saying "oh you dialed the wrong number?" or a slew of other wise ass messages! But never an option to buy seeds. It's 11am right now in my town. Anyone know how to get seeds from Taylor's seed? I don't get it. I read the walkthru and it said Taylor shows up after the 1st rainbow and that you can only get seeds on the phone, year round all day...what's up with these crazy messages?

User Info: yhibiki

8 years ago#2
Taylor has to first appear on your island. He's the 6th arrival after creating the first rainbow. The earliest you can get him is Winter 15; if you finished the first rainbow AFTER Summer 1, you'll have to displace that by however many months it did take you to create the rainbow.

(For reference, he appears after Julius has.)
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User Info: g_knightley

8 years ago#3
He'll come to your house to introduce himself to you when he arrives on the island. Once he's done that, then you can call the number and order seeds.

User Info: Mouse67

8 years ago#4
ooh, okay. Thanks. I don't remember when i created the first rainbow, I have 3 now. It was probably in the fall, it took me a while to get anywhere in the beginning.

User Info: mrowlett01

8 years ago#5
On sunny days you might have try going back into your house in the morning hours and then come back out. That's how i got him to appear for me. (and this post feels like deja vu, as I just wrote this exact same advice in another post 2 minutes ago... lol)

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