How do you get Honey?

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User Info: GameMaster1229

8 years ago#1
The only place i can find honey is the store and i don't want to buy it. I was wondering using common sense if you get honey from honeydew plants but then again mabey a beehive( If some sort) But to make my question how do you get honey?
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User Info: everblue2er101

8 years ago#2
You have to plant flowers. When the flowers have bloomed, you may see bees hovering around them - when you pick those flowers you'll get honey instead of the flower. Often the colour of the flower dictates the colour of the honey. For example, roses make red honey, and Green bell flowers make green honey.

User Info: mister_jmp

8 years ago#3
Although at night the bees will be gone, but you still get honey from the flowers that had a bee during the day.

They also only will show up on sunny days.
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User Info: g_knightley

8 years ago#4
Also, I've only gotten colored honey (blue, red, green, yellow, and purple) from similarly colored flowers planted in good soil. If you plant the flower in poor soil or with a lot of weeds nearby, you'll get decent honey. For recipe purposes, it doesn't matter whether you have decent or colored honey, but colored honeys sell for more. Also, you might have more luck attracting bees if you plant several rows of flowers together.

User Info: Ezekiel_25_17

8 years ago#5
Also, if you have any flowers that don't have bees hovering around, if you just leave it there and keep watering every day, they'll get the bees eventually.
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User Info: Icewind920

8 years ago#6
i got a pot of honey from luke when i got him to two hearts. that probaly doesn't help much though since you can only get it once.

User Info: fairy222

8 years ago#7
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User Info: GameMaster1229

8 years ago#8
Ok, thanks 4 answers guys.
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