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User Info: MaliceStriker

9 years ago#1
I'm on the very last side mission (Bike Jump)

Every time I do it, I jump, then fail... WTF!?

Can someone tell me how not to fail.

This is really starting to make me mad.
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User Info: sneakative

9 years ago#2
I had the same problem. You have to flick the remote before you actually get to the jump, there's a delay. Try jumping on the road first to get a feel for it.
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User Info: soldevice

9 years ago#3
Woah! I made a topic just like this not too long ago. Although, I made it first. :3
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User Info: bradleyunit

9 years ago#4

when the computer takes over, take your fingers off of the buttons. don't touch anything until it says to hit Z. then hit Z and release, it will ask you to hit Z a few more times, and then it will tell you when to flip the wii mote up.

I failed about 6 times before someone on here explained it in depth to me. just make sure you're not touching any other buttons, and you're just touching Z when it asks for it, not holding it down.

User Info: MaliceStriker

9 years ago#5
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: Number1YoshiFan

9 years ago#6
the computer doesn't take over. You just need to jump a little early.
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User Info: bradleyunit

9 years ago#7
what i mean by "computer takes over" is when the view switches, and you're no longer driving. do you get to the point where it says to push Z?

User Info: DanielKurland

9 years ago#8
You're both referring to separate parts. The "computer takes over" and you have to push Z on your way to the 1st ranked assassin. The person who made this topic is referring to the side mission bike jump job, where the computer does not take over, just make sure to flick the remote with enough time for it to actually register (bike takes time to jump).

User Info: Rajamic

9 years ago#9
You have to flick for the jump on that side mission a bit before you even hit the ramp, since there's about a half-second delay between your motion and the bike actually jumping.
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