These models actually look extremely better without the cell shading filter

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  3. These models actually look extremely better without the cell shading filter

User Info: MrWhitefolks

9 years ago#1
So a friend and I are working to port the models from No More Heroes into GarrysMod (a modification of HL2 that allows you to import source compatible models and pose them to your liking - or create things with the various props and tools that are available) and we ran across a stunning discovery: The models actually look really REALLY nice without the cell shading.

Now, don't get me wrong - the cell shading is part of the experience that makes NMH look so awesome and I wouldn't have it any other way, but I was outright amazed when he sent me the beta of BadGirl for initial testing. It really makes me wonder what the game would've looked like if the cell shading had been skipped completely (as all this is, is a model port without applying the cell shading filter as a specular or normal map). So, I figured that I'd just drop off this promo image here of the beta port as an example of what we're working with, and if any other characters make it to the beta stage of the porting process, I'll be sure to leave more screenshots (we're currently planning on BadGirl, Sylvia (not sure which version we're porting though) and Travis for sure - as it all depends on how long it takes to get these ports working).

NOTE: for those wondering, yes this image was edited in Photoshop - but the textures on the model were NOT modified whatsoever. This is only a "lighting and color tone" rework, nothing more (read: I don't have the time NOR skill to create a realistic looking fake for something like this, so please don't even go there).

User Info: Shadowgosp

9 years ago#2
that looks pretty good
hey can you upload a picture that hasnt been edited on photoshop ...
i know it only changes the lightning and shadow .. but still i want to see. plz?
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User Info: MrWhitefolks

9 years ago#3
Sure thing:

Unedited version:

User Info: Twisted_JAX

9 years ago#4
Do Shinobu too.
It's true, we have nothing to do.
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User Info: MagnumChild

9 years ago#5
Hey, that's actually pretty cool looking! The cell shading is sort of a big part in the NMH style
buts that still likes cool!

User Info: Shureekien

8 years ago#6
Awesome edit.

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User Info: MrWhitefolks

8 years ago#7
Got bored of seeing her in the standard pink/white and blonde thing - so I did up a quick reskin to test out some ideas:

Completely raw image here, no editing done at all.

User Info: enjoines

8 years ago#8
looks sweet.
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User Info: Zomba13

8 years ago#9
I really want to see how Travis and Henry.

User Info: Policenaut

8 years ago#10
This is really cool! Looking forward to the other characters especially Holly Summers and Silvia | PSN: BlueNocturne
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  3. These models actually look extremely better without the cell shading filter

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