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User Info: The8thKoopaling

9 years ago#1
basicly do what the old create a digimon says.

Attacks:Speeding Slash,Dragons Spin,and Pepper Breath
Bio:A Medium sized digimon who feels the need for speed and looks very much like a terradackel,his special attack is of course speeding slash wich is capable of even harming a mega digimon depending how fast he goes. He enjoys digivolution mostly cuz he gets even faster each time he digivolves but suprisingly he's most comterble as Terrymon Because he is only 4 feet tall and can go as fast as he wants without breaking anything

User Info: ninjabay

9 years ago#2
i like yours
i created one in the world 3 board but cant remember and i am too lazy to think of a new one
two words ninja bay

User Info: waitletsplay

9 years ago#3
type food
sp attack quacamoley blaster
evolved from numemon free stuff

User Info: mutant_turtle

9 years ago#4
Name: 80smon
Type: MTV
Attacks: Radio Killed the Radio Star, Molly Ringwald, Neon stars, Hairspray
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User Info: remlap869

9 years ago#5
Name: Karamon
Species: humanoid fox
Type: data
Level: Rookie
Attacks: Foxfire punch, Foxfire kick, Diamond storm, and Shattered heart
Bio: A beautiful 5 and a half feet tall blond girl covered in orange fur with fox ears and a tail. She was the result of an experiment that involved the fusion a human and a Renamon. An explosion destroyed the lab that was working on the experiment. Only one man survived and he thought that the new digimon was lost forever. But the digimon survived. She lost her memory and could only remember her name on the digivice that was attached to her arm. She wanders the human world with her partner, a man named Robert Palmer, looking for the answers to her mysterious past.

If you like this tell me and I can put up the rest of the story that I'm making based on this character.

User Info: OmniMagnas

9 years ago#6
Name: Gigamon
Species: Exalted Knight Digimon
Type: Vaccine
Level: Super-Ultimate
Attacks: Infinity Sword, Ultima Cannon
Digivolves from: Omnimon, Omnimon X
Bio: The ultimate vaccine-type digimon. His power is said to be so great that rookie virus-types are destroyed by his mere presence. His Ultima Cannon is powered by all the good digimon and humans hopes and dreams, and was so powerful that it annihilated an entire army of cloned Apocalymon. His ultimate attack, Infinity Sword was so great that it sliced ZeedMillenniummon in half, permanently destroying him and sealing all the unstable rifts within the digital world.

User Info: remlap869

9 years ago#7
Gigamon sounds very nice. When I was creating Karamon, name needs to change to Caramon, I was going for a stronger Renamon. Also I went for looks and not power but her next forms are made for power and looks. What do you think of her now?

User Info: OmniMagnas

9 years ago#8
She sounds cool. I can't wait to see her other digivolutions.

As for Gigamon, I forgot to mention that he looks like Omnimon X, except 10 times bigger, and the head looks the same but with extra horns,and he's covered in a gold armor, with a wide red cape, and the Greymon/Garurumon heads are the appropriate colors, and they look like crosses between EmperorGreymon/WarGreymon, and MagnaGarurumon/MetalGarurumon X respectively. The chest is holds the all the digi-destined symbols fused together.

I kind of wish there is a create-a-digimon feature in a game that also supports MMORPG. The replay value and overall play would keep me going for days. I mean, digimon is awesome. It has much more in it than pokemon IMO, it's just too bad that it's not as popular as the latter.

I might illustrate him later, but I don't know if I have free time. >_>

User Info: billycohn

9 years ago#9
Name: Siroinnmon
Species: Holy Phantom Beast
Type: Vaccine/????
Level: Mega
Attacks: Neo Purification, Godly Claw, Phantom Rush, Matter Breaker, Holy Jaw
Bio: A mysterious digimon that has the data of the garurumon line and something unknown. It hates evil and will do anything to stop it. It is seen by the lucky, or the very unlucky. It is said if you see one that's in a good mood,you will be blessed.
I love to break things....even more if its your back.

User Info: billycohn

9 years ago#10
Name: Hatiplamon
Species: Dark God Digimon
Type: Virus
Level: ????
Attacks: Consumption
Bio: It appears at the end of the Digital World, where it eats everything, leaving nothing. It is said that when this happens, a new
Digital World will be created by heroes.
i love to break things....even more if its your back.
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