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User Info: knucklessonic8

8 years ago#1
Reviving the thread below to see if people want a sequel. I most certainly DO want a sequel. Reviewers have bashed this game without spending enough time with it. If they made it past Expert and unlocked the powered-up DK, they'd realize that their reviews are inaccurate. But that aside, I would've loved online play and leaderboards so badly. I constantly go back to this game for TA purposes to improve my scores and for that reason alone, it's compelling enough to warrant leaderboards if a asequel was ever to happen for this game.

I wouldn't want the gameplay to change. The controls work perfectly fine and there's like nothing wrong with them! When you spend enough time with the game, the tag at the back of the box claiming that it's a "fast-paced racer" becomes quickly evident and it's fun to control your character and to make swift, rapid decisions by shaking the Remote/Nunchuk to indicate where to turn. Executing combos with the Wild Moves is also very fulfilling.

I'd be really happy if Nintendo would just see that people DID enjoy this game desipte what the critics are saying (kinda like Wii Music except this hasn't sold as well, unfortunately) and that online play would be such a great addition.
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