Things to spend money on in GTAIV?

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User Info: YUIO7890

9 years ago#1
After reading through the GTAIV FAQ, the thing that suprised me the most was that we would not have the opportunity to invest in businesses.

I found this to be a major letdown.

Towards the end of every GTA game, I find myself with millions of dollars in cash and wishing there was more stuff I could spend it on. Cars are pretty much free, guns are free after you find a few hidden packages, so that leaves real estate.

It seems to me that people commit crimes to obtain money. So why does R* make a game about crime where money is pointless?

User Info: NJCeleb

9 years ago#2
theres cars,clothes,strip clubs,comedy clubs,toll booths,cafe/resturants,and weapons. you'll spend your money.

User Info: paulboy247

9 years ago#3
Hopefully we'll have the opportunity to buy special vehicles that can't be picked up off the street. Luxury cars like the Aston Martin lookalike from the Karin Dilettante ad and the likes. That'd be sweet. :D

User Info: ps2_master94

9 years ago#4
a midget

User Info: PokeyBanana

9 years ago#5
I want to buy the Moon and build myself a little home there, away from the stress.
I like to skid along wet floors on my squeaky bum cheeks.

User Info: jazztronaut

9 years ago#6
I'm guessing the missions won't be as lucrative, as in, say GTA III. I remember one mission early on where you had to drive misty and the reward was $4,500.

Since this is a 'rags to better rags' story, I'm sure money will be harder to come by.
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User Info: zp1111

9 years ago#7

Making money: since this aint no rags 2 riches story, then there should be plenty ways of making money like drug dealing, robbing houses banks and, holding people as hostages. in exchange 4 money as a ransom, robbing other businesses, of course owning both legal, and illegal businesses, I should be able to see how my businesses are doing in the stock market online(since u can use the internet café) and as 4 illegal businesses the only way to track and see how successful your drug empires or prostitution businesses are going is to keep in contact with your employees goons, thugs, the streets, and of course collecting your pay check from your hoes, or your middle men drug dealers, and car stealers, or other business colleagues. There should be people to watch out for like colleagues who steal money from you and hoes who keep money for themselves. You should also be able to recruit thugs and goons to help u run your illegal business. They don't necessarily have to be in the same gang as you. After all not all drug dealers are in gangs, and not all gangsters are hit men, or car thieves, not all chop shop owners have goons that steal cars, so u should be in competition with other chop shops, drug empires, drug dealers, pimps, etc.. you can bring down there business by lowering your price and selling a better product(getting good drugs and other materials should be a factor in the game)or u can threaten them, and bomb there businesses send your goons, or hire hit men to kill their goons and their colleagues, or kill them yourself. But getting close to a big time drug lord may be harder then getting close to a corner dealer, or getting close to the local pimp maybe easier then trying to kill the biggest Mac daddy in san Francisco, so u have to plan your every move and some how get close then do it, or kill off all their security until they have no protection left. They can do the same to you, and they can do it secretly so that you don't know if it was the triad meth dealers who destroyed your meth lab or if it was the ballas pimp who doesn't want drugs in his hood, so if u go out and attack the wrong gang/hood/illegal business/legal business/drug lord/ drug pusher/ pimp/ street racer/chop shop owner, they might attack u back, and you'll end up going to war with some one who never attacked you. Or you can be sneaky and get 2 or more of your enemy's to start fighting each other, because you took a ballas hostage and killed him with a ransom note on the body saying **** ballas sincerely vagos, or you can take a enemy hostage and make his gang friends or drug goons, or chopp shop goons and car thief's attack another group and that group will go to war with each other all because you made them think that they attacked each other first when in reality u set them all up. See the movie waist deep to understand were im coming from. You should have the choice to start a drug empire or chop shop from scratch. And become bigger and bigger and gain more enemys and attention from the cops and then FBI. If I start off as a drug dealer on the local corner of Gaton, then I should have challenges that real life pushers face, such as being robbed on the spot, killed by enemy gang, or other drug dealers who don't want u selling on their corner., cops showing up unexpected, and undercover cops should show up to buy the dope. Or if u take over a gang territory and the territory has a marijhuana garden, or crack kithchen, meth lab, I should be able to cook up the drugs, and pick up and drop off shipments and supplies needed to run my business. Such as driving to a cocaine dealer to pick up some cocaine to mix up and cook to make my crack, or have it dropped off at my crack house, by my goons who make the delivery and purchase the goods 4 me, and when ever I make my goons purchase illegal stuff and make the shipments then im less likely to get, caught, but I cant hire goons until I have money to pay them, or I recruit some of my homies who are in the gang with me to do it for free, but they wont always be down for the hood, like they were in san andreas, they will have things to do for themselves, and of course you have to worrie about your goons snitching on you. If they tell the cops were your crack house is then you maybe cooking up crack or meth or even pruning marijuana leaves one day when cops bust in unexpected with no stars for warning so u have to run or go to jail, the only warning you will have of cops sneaking up on you to arrest you is your suspicion meter, no wanted stars will be shown when you are being scoped out and snuck up on by cops and detective, if the meter gets full then you just have to be careful when in your safe house or drug house or chop shop because they can come whenever, and wherever, and you have to remember to check the stats to see if your suspicion meter is high otherwise you will be arrested not even knowing what hit you, and you can get trapped in your house from all sides and you will be forced to go to jail. The only thing to do if your meter gets high is to kill a snitch (1st you have to find out who the snitch is by torturing people until they speak, and word on the street) or kill a detective(1st you have to find out who the detective is by word on the street and torturing people until they give u info.) or plant evidence on your enemies(see the 1st san Andréa's mission were CJ plants drugs in a car after dressing up as a car parker), such as drugs or weapons that can get them locked up, don't forget to call the police once the illegal goods are planted, also it is smart to plant drugs or weapons on enemy gang leaders or enemy businesses so that their gangs and organizations end up crumbling or weakening, while you and your businesses and gangs take over the streets. It would also be cool to kill off a gang or weaken a business to the point were they end up being extinct, but this should only be able to be done to a gang or two and a business or two other wise if u were to wipe out everybody in the game then the game would get pointless, because there's no one left to challenge u, in this new Grand theft auto there should always be lots of gangs(at least 100 gangs in the whole game) and lots of businesses that will oppose you and even when you take over the whole game in business and gang territory those enemies should still exist and threaten to take back what is theirs, unlike after you take over all the territories in san Andréa's. These guys should be a threat at all times, and they should be very hard to take over in fact it should be impossible to take over all territories and all businesses at the same time, because one enemy will kill your people off when your not looking, and your enemies should be killing and stealing from you at all times weather you beat the game or not or weather you take over everything or not. Businesses that I can operate in the game should include: Drug empires (were u have many drug operations in any hood, using many drugs or one drug.) or small time drug pushing in a single neighborhood with only one drug. Chop shops, selling arms(illegal guns), Pimping(local pimping, or big time well know mac daddy pimping), also legal stuff like owning gas stations, casinos, bars, clubs, super market, and car dealerships(u can make more money in a car dealer ship if u use your own chop shop or another persons to make pimped out cars for cheep then sell them for high at a dealer, without people knowing it is a car made from stolen car parts or the whole car might be stolen.) if u don't own a car dealership u can sell cars from your chop shop to dealerships without the dealership knowing the cars are stolen and chopped up. Or you can take chopped cars from your chop shop, and ship them to your car dealership for free and sell them, or you can sell cars straight out your chop shop to black market shoppers.

User Info: jazztronaut

9 years ago#8
wall o' text'd.
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User Info: Ultra_Gamer35

9 years ago#9
I think they should take out weapon cheats. Too many times have I found myself not wanting to find an ammunation, and just entering one of those... With weapons being more accessible with being able to call your dealers, it should be easier to just spend away the lumps of cash you get from missions.

That should stack nicely with losing cash from getting busted, dying, buying food, and buying clothes.

Also, side note: The fact that the health cheat gave you money in San Andreas was absurd. I'd find myself a trillionare after just a few desperate heals.
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User Info: J8ke

9 years ago#10
I want to read that, I really do. but there is NO way I can suffer through that massive chunk of writing. Can anyone paraphrase?
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