Niko Bellic.Will he be the most badass GTA character to date?

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  3. Niko Bellic.Will he be the most badass GTA character to date?

User Info: Red994

9 years ago#1
Yes.Most definitely.
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User Info: Blackblood26

9 years ago#2
Lol no. Roman will obviously hands-down win
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User Info: ChiefBaker

9 years ago#3
9/10 posts...

Yes, he will be. Claude was a mute and, while intending no offense to those who are less than apt in the department of hearing and speaking, I just never "connected with him; Tommy Vercetti was a badass through and through. Tommy Vercetti is my favorite in the series so far with GTA games that are out. Which leads me to Carl, who was, to me, the everyday Joe out of the situation. I liked his character, I liked how he wasn't a stereotype like they could have gone.

But I have to say that Niko is probably going to be my favorite. I am really into foreign cultures, I mean, hell, I'm an anthropology major and ethnocentrism is definitely not one of my psychological traits. I am Pakistani American and while I have been born and raised in America, I've had to put up with a lot of **** and stupid people who just don't understand or want to understand other cultures.

I feel for Niko as everyone on my dad's side of the family is an immigrant save for a few cousins. I think I'll connect most with Niko, for some weird reason. So, at this point, it is probably a given to all of you that Niko will also probably be my favorite character after this game is done.
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User Info: jon289205

9 years ago#4
I like him because I believe that his personality will be
the, "HEY! You stepped on my shoes!? I am very sorry,
but now I must kill you." "Bang, Bang!" Type of personality.

This game will be EPIC!
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User Info: Doolz2024

9 years ago#5
maybe we should play the game for a little bit, then make this assumption....
33 more days till GTA:IV
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  3. Niko Bellic.Will he be the most badass GTA character to date?

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