ATTN: ASDA at midnight selling gta

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User Info: JJH462

9 years ago#1
to all the UK gamers who left it too late to get a pre-order, the 24hr ASDA stores are selling the game tonight

i phoned my local ASDA (portrack lane, stockton) and asked about GTA, the woman told me that they have gta behind the game/cd/dvd counter ready to sell at 1 minute past midnight.

im guessing this is the same at all 24hr asdas, hope it helped anyone who didnt have a pre order

User Info: Dom36

9 years ago#2
Yup they are...also my local Aada hasn't done any pre-preorders so those who bare the late night should get a copy.
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User Info: c1on

9 years ago#3
So are alot of the 24 hour Tesco's mate, checked the number 1 and 2 game charts. There's an empty space for GTA stating it will be available from 00.01 29th April, so i'm guessing you'll be able to grab a copy there.

User Info: grimshaw106

9 years ago#4
Yeah, I'm off to Tesco getting it tonight.
PSN: grimshaw106
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