How to be a cop in GTA IV - PS3

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User Info: Pamens88

9 years ago#1
Ok so just got GTA IV and before i start playing to missions i wanna know the city ... u know free roam and stuff .. i know in san andreas u get in a cop car press up arrow and ur a cop chasing after criminals but in liberty city up doesnt work and when i press L1 and go to view current crimes it says server error why is that? why is there a server error wen im not playing online?

User Info: dankanefan

9 years ago#2
Online was down off and on today.

As far as Vigilante Missions, you'll be able to access them and the taxi missions later in the game.
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User Info: Rattlesnake_8

9 years ago#3
Maybe you have to do the missions and get up to a certain point before you can.. after all you just came to the country and wont know how to hack into a police computer already.

User Info: redorblue88

9 years ago#4
No thats not it. I think you have to be out of mission. Otherwise maybe you have to have passed this mission where Brucie gets you to steal a cop car. But I think you can do it anytime.
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