What I do in GTA 4 When I'm Bored.

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User Info: SarazinRuin

9 years ago#1
I like to stalk people in Grand Theft Auto 4.

Follow them everywhere they go. They get in a cab or car, I'll follow behind them slowly at pace equal to theirs, always 2 cars length behind them. They get a hot dog, I get a hot dog, etc.

While doing this one day I came across a couple. A dark haired man with medium length hair, and this girl who had gorgeous long blond hair.

I followed this couple for miles, from Alderney City to the bright neon lights of Star Junction, they were seemingly happy, joyful, in love with one another. The man cared for his girlfriend, and the girlfriend cared for her boyfriend.

They ate happily together, eating hot dogs, taking in the city. Always staring into each others eyes with deep glee and happiness. I had never seen so much love between two people. I cared for these two as much as they cared for each other. I would do as much as I can to make sure nothing would ever happen too them. After going ahead of them a bit and beating up hobos, walking in traffic ahead of them to make sure if a car were to come I would take it for them, and any other nuisance there could be.

Then it happened. After watching them stare at a giant ad in the Star Juction I realized something. I am alone. No one. Michelle was long gone for something I do not wish to bring up. Kiki dumped me when she found out I had been having intercourse with hookers then bash their heads in with a baseball bat to gain my money back. Carmen never called me again after our first date, mostly due to me pushing her down a set of subway stairs, then stopping her head into the steps. I never tried any other woman due to me thinking it was pointless at this point. I began to feel sad.

I thought to myself, "Why can that man not be me?" "Is he any better than me?" "Why wouldn't she think of dating me? Get some coffee, even at least TALK TOO ME?" I wanted her. I wanted this mysterious blond with the looks of an angel, and the laugh of a child. I wanted to be that man, I wanted to have what he had, to know that joy of having somebody care for your own well being. I was jealous of the man. I wanted that I could not have, that I desired for so much. The longer I watched them, the longer I wanted to become him, at any cost. I then felt remorse. Saddened of what I had become, a lonesome man stalking random pedestrians. But when the thought of this man touching her, kissing her, loving her... the thought of remorse was thrown to the back of my head as if I had never thought it.

I set forth a plan. I will kill him. Take up my new identity as him. And me and the blond will live happily together forever.

I knew what I had to do. I drive her whilst her screaming like a banshee. I reach my destination. The cliff next to Mikhail Faustin's house. If you've ever seen this part of the game there are rocks and old cars that seems from the '50s, and '60s at the bottom.

I rev my engine. She screams even louder. I drive faster, faster, and faster. Her death curling scream gets louder, louder, and louder.

We fly off the edge.

Everything is then silent for a mere second. This second feels like an eternity. I know what I am doing, I feel no regret. I am also for the first time in a long time; happy.

We both plummet to bottom and die instantaneously. They will never know who killed John, or the cab driver Shafeeq. They will never find the body of Sara or Niko Bellic. The ocean mixed with gasoline fueled fire will ruin any traces of either of our pasts or future.

I then revive at a hospital and steal a Blista Compact and go bowling with Roman.
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User Info: eemer03

9 years ago#2
Good read, if a little creepy.
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User Info: fire_wheels

9 years ago#3

User Info: Detritus

9 years ago#4
My name is Luigi, and I'm just that kickass.

User Info: Swiftshark

9 years ago#5

"When I think of all the people I admire the most, you're right there serving them drinks."

User Info: aaroncl

9 years ago#6
wow... INTENSE! jk but really be an author
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User Info: Nito_Musashi

9 years ago#7
lol and to think i find a high spot and snipe peds and cops when they show up.

User Info: SoopaVillainX

9 years ago#8

You my friend should write a book =]

User Info: derelix

9 years ago#9
can peds get that in depth lol
to bad you cant really kidnap people and put them in the trunk or anything
or did you just steal a cab with them in it?
PSN- Derelix
currently playing GTA 4

User Info: ParallelPenguin

9 years ago#10
You do that too!? I'm glad im not the only one.... I LOVE bowling with Roman!
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