100% Checklist For GTA IV

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User Info: Trini_Bwoi

9 years ago#1
Storyline Missions - 60%
Complete all 90 missions in the main storyline, in any possible order.
The pause menu stat will say 94 missions, because 4 missions have two parts.
Different choices of killing or sacrificing does not cripple affect your chances for 100%.

Assassination Missions - 2%
Finish all 9 assassination missions for the fixer, activated through a pay phone.
The pay phone is at the intersection of Traeger Road and Odhner Avenue in Alderney.
There will be weapons and armor for you between the pile of wood in the compound by the pay phone.

Brucie's Races - 2%
Win in the 9 races given to you by Brucie.
Take your time during turns in each race, the AI sucks, so no need to rush.
The cars the opponents have is based on the car you bring to the race.

Brucie's Exports - 2%
Steal the cars Brucie tells you to, 10 in total, and take them to his lockup.
The cars you are told to steal, and their locations, are random.
The cars will always be guarded by people with guns...who will shoot at you.
He tells you which car to steal through your email.

Stevie's Car Thefts - 2%
Find and deliver all 30 cars to his garage as requested by Stevie, through text messages.
The order of the cars you are asked for will be random, not the locations.
Be sure to leave your phone ON after meeting Derrick, or you may never get to do these missions.
After completing this, the garage will be open, for you to delivery any car for cash.
You can keep any car he asks for, and it will respawn in it's found location.
A very good map = http://pwnsu.com/img/gta4/maps/TextMessageCars.jpg

Little Jacob's Deliveries - 2%
Complete all 10 deliveries for Little Jacob.
You can just go inside the rusty car to get the package, and take a taxi to the destination.
The Rasta Huntley you receive on your last run can be commonly found near Jacob's house.

Current Crimes Vigilante Missions - 2.5%
Do 20 current crimes vigilante missions, accessible through the police computer in a police car.
You do not have to do them consecutively.
You'll receive an on screen message when you have done 20 of them.

Most Wanted - 2.5%
Kill 30 criminals in in the most wanted menu of the police computer in a police car.
There are 10 most wanted criminals per island.

User Info: Trini_Bwoi

9 years ago#2
Random Encounters - 5%
Finish all 16 of the missions random pedestrians give you.
You will have 1 encounter with the following: Badman, Gracie, Ilyena, Hossan, Mel.
You will have 2 encounters with the following: Eddie, Marnie, Pathos Sara.
You will meet Brian 3 times.
Jeff, and people who appear randomly as a sacrificial choice do not count.
A very good map = http://pwnsu.com/img/gta4/maps/RandomCharacters.jpg

Activities - 5%
Do every possible activity with Little Jacob, Brucie, and Packie, at least once.
Little Jacob: Darts, drinking, eating, pool, show, strip club.
Brucie: Boating, bowling, drinking, eating, heli ride, show, strip club.
Packie: Bowling, darts, drinking, pool, show, strip club.
You can do more than 1 activity consecutively.

Special Abilities - 5%
Gain Little Jacob's, Brucie's, and Packie's special ability, by increasing their like.
Little Jacob: 60 % like, to unlock his special ability to sell you discounted guns from his car trunk.
Brucie: 70% like, to unlock his special ability to pick you up at a helipad in a helicopter.
Packie: 75 % like, to unlock his special ability of leaving a car bomb some place near.
You get friend's likes up by taking them out, and not ignoring them for long periods.

Competitions - 5%
Win 1 game of pool, bowling, and darts against a friend or a NPC.
Beat the high score of 11000 points in the QUB3D arcade game.

Flying Rats - 2.5%
Shoot all 200 designated pigeons, around Liberty City.
The pigeons have a red glow, very distinguishable at night time.
You will most likely gain a wanted level every time you shoot one.
There are 56 in Alderney, 71 in Algonquin, and 73 in Dukes/Bohan/Broker.
The reward for this is a crappy annihilator helicopter on the MeTV building.

Unique Jumps - 2.5%
Successfully find, and land all 50 unique jumps.
You will obviously need a fast car or bike.
There are 18 in Alderney, 15 in Algonquin, 17 in Dukes/Broker/Bohan

That's it! After all this, you can safely say, "I BEAT GTA IV!"
Your overall reward, is the ammo cap will be removed. If you save, the extra ammo will be lost, though.

(C) Trini_Bwoi, keep bumped, and request sticky!
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User Info: c_l_n

9 years ago#4
Bump for helpfulness, and a lot of people wre looking for this since the last time I was on.
How d'u request sticky?

User Info: 19BALLER93

9 years ago#5
Why do you have to beat the Qubed game
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User Info: 19BALLER93

9 years ago#6
also, you should have marked spoilers
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User Info: Trini_Bwoi

9 years ago#7
I don't think I spoiled anything...... :-S

User Info: Pesico

9 years ago#8

Good work Trini_Bwoi:) I have made a spreadsheet for GTA IV with 100% checklist and supportchecklists. Was going to open another thread, but I guess it's better to put it in this thread.

This should get stickied.

User Info: Trini_Bwoi

9 years ago#9
Yay! It got stickied =D
On the 360 side, though....

User Info: yaboy

9 years ago#10
I requested sticky, so it should be annnny second now. Gamefaqs does what I say, when I say it.
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