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Bernie gives you Bryce's sports car... lost it

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  3. Bernie gives you Bryce's sports car... lost it

User Info: squidracerX

9 years ago#1

Okay, I did all the Bernie mission, and he eventually gives you Bryce's sports car (his mayor boyfriend), it was a cool yellow sports car, and it was parked in a parking lot that was marked on the map. i got it and loved it, but then took it on the Irish funeral mission, and you have to drive a hearse on that mission so i lost it! :( Now i cannot find another! is it back in that parking lot? If so i cannot find where that lot was, its not marked anymore. if it was a one time gift that sucks, they should let you "mark" one special car that you will always have, i mean if that had been "real" my car would still be parked at the church! Thats one reason this game should not have been a 10... too many technical glitches, liek you cannot park a car behind a door and then do a mission and your car is still there, if you do any missiopns your cars will be moved etc... It was a memory limitation i assume, but a "real world game" needs "real world persistance". Anyway, if anyone knows how to get my favorite sports car back, let me know! thanks!

should i call Bernie? Should i find the parking lot? Is there another sports car like that somewhere?

User Info: RebornLordSlug

9 years ago#2
That happened to me 2!!!
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User Info: CJ_Boy

9 years ago#3
Seen the "search topic feature"? Use it.

User Info: Gunners255

9 years ago#4
If you haven't already done Stevie's car missions take one from there and keep it instead of giving him it and give the car that re spawns instead.
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User Info: NJCeleb

9 years ago#5
Call up brucie for a race in alderney, IT IS RANDOM, but you can get any sports car, Infernus/super gt/comet ect if they appear during a race. Then do NOT start the race, pull up and while all the cars are waiting at the start line, get out your handgun, and walk up an shoot the driver of the car you want in the head. Any highpowered gun like a sniper seems to mess it up(cars will dissapear)
Then while your in the car, it will make noises like your revving it, but its just gltiched because the car acts like it has the original driver. So drive it around anywhere, and when you see another of the car your driving take that one and save ect, just ditch the original. And there youll have it.

User Info: Hellraiser234

9 years ago#6
Yeah, it really sucks when you lose that Infernus. The only way I know of to get one back is to steal one at one of Brucie's races.

I'm hoping in the next game, They'll allow us to buy a car at a dealership, that would ALWAYS spawn outside a specified safehouse. That way, if you blow it up, you can always get another one. Or maybe just have a specific car "marked" to a specific safehouse, that way it would always spawn.
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User Info: Scorpio217

9 years ago#7
If your vehicles never disappeared when you parked them then left the area, then the game's streets would be so cluttered with car's that you parked/abandoned that they would be unnavigable by the halfway point of the story.
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User Info: squidracerX

9 years ago#8
yeah but if you could mark one or two or three special cars as "I want them" then those could just be the three you want to respawn at safe houses, i dont think anyone wants minivans or rust buckets to stay where they leave them, but when you lose a "one of a kind" because of some mission glitch that you couldn't have known about, that sucks. It really makes Bernie's "reward" just a tease!

User Info: squidracerX

9 years ago#9
Oh SNAP! (I did by the way, didn't see anything related :)

User Info: squidracerX

9 years ago#10

CJ_Boy posted...
Seen the "search topic feature"? Use it.


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  3. Bernie gives you Bryce's sports car... lost it

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