I can make Niko invincible!

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User Info: numaner

7 years ago#1
Play online and get kicked from 10 different NOOSE games, 5 different BdB2 games, and 8 different DealBreaker games. Then go kill 2 people in a row (as in you don't die in between) in a death match (not sure if team deathmatch works).

Now go into single player and make a new game, make sure auto-save is off. When you have to drive Roman home, crash the car so that you have to take the bus. When the cutscene ends, don't save your game. Run outside and kill 3 people with barehands. Now go save.

Right after you save, reload the save file. Watch TV for exactly 2 in game hours (so it's like 4 minutes or so in real life). Save again (don't have to, but you can mess up the next part).

Now find a cop and attack him. Now you must kill this cop without getting hurt at all. I recommend luring him to an alley or something. You can use a knife or a bat, but you can't use guns. Someone said molotovs (but not grenades) work, but I haven't checked. Right after you kill the cop, a bunch of elvis impersonators will spawn around you, and you'll know you're invincible. The Elvises have shotguns and they will immediately attack you, but you should be invincible.
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User Info: PS3_Owner29

7 years ago#2
I gotta try this. But I don't believe the part about driving Roman home...

User Info: DragonboyBDC

7 years ago#3
I can make Niko die! Really simple, just try to run through any place with atleast two hostile npc's with assault rifles or shotguns, if that doesn't work for you, jump off an high building!
If you have followed those steps correctly, then congratulations, your Niko has just died!
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User Info: youngirish

7 years ago#4
I wonder if or how many people actually fell for that.I was wondering my self but then the elvis impersonators just went too far.lol
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User Info: pixelkilla

7 years ago#5
Eye haz kweschunz...
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User Info: deltamustang_65

7 years ago#6
Oh, you silly-billies. All you have to do is format your PS3 after completing "Liquidize Teh Assets", while the game is auto-saving.
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User Info: DaRk_OnImUsHa

7 years ago#7
I can make Niko get swallowed by a dog...

You need a helicopter, get one fly straight into the breasts of The Statue of Happiness.. Then you will be in a white room... With nothing around you except a floating ganondorf, save then shoot ganon, he will turn into Roman... (Next Part is important) Try calling Roman. Snake will answer and call you a virgin loser...

Next your phone will blow and a quick-time event will appear when you walk up to Roman... Do that and pull Roman's stomach out... Now go out and get a life if you actually read this...
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User Info: numaner

7 years ago#8
oh delta, i must commend you on ending the back flip topic so elegantly. the lvl 99 red chocobo had me in stitches, but then the xenogears reference made me smile. :)
AClockworkPeach, stop smoking.
web sait joobits! YES BUT ONLY BY STIAVE ok but i map would be nice to u know. Peapole just plain to stupid! MoFaT!

User Info: adz-spec

7 years ago#9

User Info: Iceozo

7 years ago#10

Oh my god I tried this and it actually worked! As we speak Nikos getting shot at by 10 cops, man thats a lot of blood. Thanks numaner, continue to improve our lives.

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