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User Info: FDLC_Rescue

6 years ago#1
Tri-Borough Fire Department is a role-playing group that specifically focuses on Fire and EMS. Tri-Borough Fire Department is one of the most realistic firefighting groups on PS3. Tri-Borough Fire Department is proud to have multiple members that are involved with the fire service, including the Fire Chief. TBFD holds shifts every Tuesday at 9:00PM and Thursday at 9:00PM EST. TBFD has been serving Dukes, Broker, and Bohan since 2008! TBFD is a group that does and is not getting all of the attention that it deserves. There are multiple steps when joining TBFD. You will be questioned to make sure that you are the person that we are looking for. You will be trained basic knowledge in order for you to attend and assist on shifts. After being trained you will be placed on a probationary period where you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your skills. Additional training is available if needed.

During shifts we are dispatched to multiple types of calls, both medical and fire calls. If you are looking for a fire group that is full of realism and fun then TBFD might be the group for you. When a call goes out, the dispatching is so realistic that you will not realize that this is a game! No dull dispatching! Tri-Borough Fire Department is run similar to Baltimore City Fire Department; therefore things may seem different from your local or favorite fire department. I'm sure you are wondering about the apparatus; check below for a list of the apparatus that we have.

TBFD currently has 4 engine companies. Our engine companies like most engines ONLY handle fire suppression. Our engines are not equipped with rescue equipment. The engines are equipped with ALS equipment.

TBFD has 2 squads. Squads in TBFD are similar to Rescue/Engines. Squads are equipped with fire suppression equipment, rescue equipment, as well as medical equipment. The squad is also ALS equipped.

Not much can be said about our medical units, they are all ALS equipped and contain your typical medical equipment.

Rescue 1:
Rescue 1 can be compared to a "heavy rescue". Rescue 1 is a boxville and contains all of our rescue equipment; rescue 1 typically responds to special rescue assignments, if rescue 1 is in service then they will respond to vehicle accidents with entrapment. Medflight:
Medflight is not staffed, but it is used when there is a special need for it such as a water rescue. The medflight helicopter is an annihilator. The helicopter does not rescue people from water, instead they are just used a spotter and a transport. Due to the risk they cannot perform water rescues.

FRB 1:
FRB1 is Fire Rescue Boat 1. Our FRB1 is a dinghy which is used for water response calls. FRB1 is not staffed, but it is used for special occasions.

Haz-mat 1:
Haz-mat 1 is not typically staffed, but we would like for it to be. Haz-mat 1 of course has all of our haz-mat equipment on it. The haz-mat vehicle is an ambulance.

Tri-Borough Fire Department currently has 3 fire stations. The 1st is in Dukes, the 2nd is in Bohan, and the 3rd one is at the airport. Tri-Borough Fire Department is not a picky group when looking for members. All we ask is that you are dedicated and mature. We play on the regular Grand Theft Auto. You must have a microphone for obvious reasons. If you are not sure about the group feel free to do a ride-along. We don't want you to sign-up and then change your mind, so do a ride-along and hopefully that will help you. If you aren't very knowledgeable in the fire department or EMS field don't worry about it, the training will teach you the basics and then you will learn more as you participate in shifts.

If you are interested in joining I urge you to contact MrMedicman (PSN ID). Please make sure that you add MrMedicman as well as me (FDLC_Rescue).
You are required to fill out an application and the reason that we have you fill out an application is so that we can know what you want to do and why you want to be here, unlike a lot of "clans" they do it just because that's how it's done in real life, not us. You can also check out our recruitment video, it's not the best but it's better than nothing.
The website is

User Info: Blackest_Waltz

6 years ago#2
Yet another fine group. I salute thee. :)

User Info: deltamustang_65

6 years ago#3
I'm curious about stuff like this, but usually it's the Police Department clans that post here. Not sure how the FD would work.

Don't have much time these days to devote to GTA IV, and I've deleted IV from my HD due to lack of space, but I wouldn't mind giving it a shot if you guys ever get on EfLC. I have a headset, and I can be mature if I try hard enough. Seriously, though, I'm not one of these sabotaging d-bags that are so often found online.
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User Info: FDLC_Rescue

6 years ago#4
Sadly, we started with regular GTAIV and so all of our members have at least the regular and not all EFLC. Therefore we only hold shifts on the regular version. You just have to use slight imagination like with all role-playing clans. However, we don't consider ourselves a clan, we consider it a group. Clans have a bad reputation, and we do not need to drag a bad rep on a very good group.

User Info: checkmateIXX

6 years ago#5
I have to admit, this is pretty cool in a way. I never knew you could even play like this in this game.
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User Info: FDLC_Rescue

6 years ago#6
Thank you, I appreciate you reading about this group and your acknowledgement that the idea is cool.
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