Is the Grand Theft Auto series a bad influence for children?

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9 years ago#21
NO, but telling kids they cant have GTA will make them angry, & want to kill parents. do you really want that?
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User Info: yedi

9 years ago#22
I say it depends on the parents and the kid. I've been playing video games since I was 2, and my parents did their job in implementing a sense of right and wrong unto me.

However, my neighbors 6 year old grandkid hasn't had the same results. He swears, he says he wants to beat up police officers(there's something eerie about hearing that from a 6 year old), and shows a lot of violent behavior towards others who disagree with him(he actually got suspended twice in kindergarten for FIGHTING). He hasn't had that firm set of common sense and decency placed upon him yet. In short his parents didn't do their job.

Now, keep in mind that the other 2 grandkids(whom are 11 and 15) whose parents DID take care of them are pretty much normal. A little whiney, but not violent or vulgar, and they've been playing GTA since III was released.

So in short, GTA is a bad influence if the parents suck.
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User Info: CH355Y

9 years ago#23
DrDirtnap posted...
Its all in the parenting. Be a parent. Dont blame your failure on entertainment.
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just the right answer

User Info: King_Aragorn49

9 years ago#24

TrevorKRVTS posted...
gta sa made my cousin join a gang and almost got me to as well, though that might have been middle school pressure in a bad area

GTA:SA made you cousin join a gang? How exactly? Did it mail you a post card saying, hay GTA: SA here. Me thinks you should join a gang!
Does it give you homocidal Tendincies aswell? Everytime you see a prostitute do ya just want to stab them? When people do stupid stuff and they blame a game or music.. Its frustrates me. Cause it spawns people like JT. And shows a huge lack of maturity. No Game makes you join a game. You do it.

Now these are the kids that seem to not have the metal capacity to play such games - They are usually the younger type.. So tahts why I like the Age Restrictions.. But for the 99% of us who can play it and not have it distort reality I think the game is fine.

But sheesh... Join a gang? Really?

"Honest Judge - I only shot him cause I was playing GTAIV.. and it made it seem so cool... Its not at all my fault, not one bit... I only stole the gun, found the target and aimed at them. GTAIV made me fire it!"

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User Info: chainbladeONps3

9 years ago#25

it shouldnt matter if the parents know whats best for there children

i mean if the kid's breaking things and $hit constantly then no

if the kid's mannered in a way i think they could let him/her try out new things if hey want

User Info: Swink888

9 years ago#26
i totally agree with NumenDivinum
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User Info: paradoxworld

9 years ago#27
It is for some cases. when the child gets a hold of it. It's not the game's or the creators fault. The parents that buy it for them are the blame, along with the irresponsible employees that don't card. These games have the "M" rating on them. They were made for adults.

Whats the point in carding if its a 10 year old with his mom?

It is just bad parenting. Not the employees fault. Even if the employee sells a 6 year old an M rated game and the 6 year old didn't even have a parent with him, it is still the parent's fault. If they don't pay attention to where their child is, what their child is buying, what their child is playing, then it is their fault.
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User Info: JP2458

9 years ago#28
Yep, as soon as I got done playing the first game I went out, found a hooker, paid her for sex, then ran her over to get my money back. Ahhhh, all in a days work.

User Info: jasonethos

9 years ago#29
Is the Grand Theft Auto series a bad influence for children? YES. Obviously. Denial of this FACT is no different than believing that the earth is flat.
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User Info: Arkady_Husky

9 years ago#30

GTA IV is RSRB-rated 'M' which is 17+. Children shouldn't be playing this game, and if you see a child playing it, wag your finger, castigate it and pull down their duds and spank them on their tuchus.

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