Darts Location?

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User Info: HIM_KEtH

9 years ago#1
I read on the achievements list that you can play darts, and i only ask, because i'm not into algonquin just yet, where are the places that you can play it?

and also, is it possible to play mini golf? lol
-Porcupinecone (XBL)

User Info: CrazY_BaBooN

9 years ago#2
You can play on the first island, it's more towards the north of the island, couldn't be more precise though, I have an icon on my map. so maybe you have one too...
"Virtue is not left to stand alone. He who practices it will have neighbors."

User Info: HIM_KEtH

9 years ago#3
ah, just saw that. i haven't made it that far north yet, i guess now's the time.

i guess there's no golf though...is there even a golf cart in later islands?
-Porcupinecone (XBL)

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