100% Checklist For GTA IV

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User Info: Drek102

8 years ago#261
I basically have to find the remainder of the random people and I will be set...
GT: Shadow Glaven

User Info: Pinky_corpse

8 years ago#262
If a friend invites me to an activity, does it count to my total %?? For example the first time Roman ask me to go out with him is to the perestroika (i think that's the name), do i have to take him out there again? Also i accidentally skipped one show there with LJ, will that prevent me to get 100%?

User Info: NoxieDC

8 years ago#263

No. You don't have to accept every appointment as long as you get their special abilities.

User Info: The Waynos Bum

The Waynos Bum
8 years ago#264
Slam you body down, and wind it all around!
Renamon (10/18/01-02/24/08)

User Info: Riot_S_20Tomb

8 years ago#265
dude i frickin did all that stuff except i have one thing left to do and thats badmans random character mission which is simple.......only one problem.....HE WON'T SHOW UP ON MY ******* MAP..... anyone have any advice?

User Info: ag703

8 years ago#266
Tu 6 tutta la mia vita

User Info: Dane9468

8 years ago#267
Now I have to do the whole story over again to get random pedestrians.
XBL GT: ROFLcopter9468

User Info: Drek102

8 years ago#268
I'm at 96.67 percent...I've done the activities with my friends but I don't know if there are ones that aren't listed on the phone that I am still able to do with them... Little Jacob doesn't like bowling but am i suppose to do it. I know you don't have to do activities for Roman and Dwayne after you get there abilities...Unless you do have to do all there activities...Also do you have to watch the whole show when you go to a comedian club to have it count? Do girlfriends count towards 100 percent?
GT: Shadow Glaven

User Info: team_liam

8 years ago#269
im also on 98.33%! its getting pretty annoying. just did every possible activity with each of the three mates and wrote them down as i went so i didnt go wrong and its still the same! ARRGHHH!!!

User Info: th3warr1or

8 years ago#270
:S This hasn't reached 500 posts yet?
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