100% Checklist For GTA IV

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User Info: theroachinator

9 years ago#41
Do i need my friends to like me past their special ability points to complete 100%? Or can I just pretend to like them for a while, gain the ability, and then lose the ability and ignore them the rest of the game?

Because that's what I've been doing, they don't deserve my friendship.
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User Info: ItalyCanadian9

9 years ago#42
LOL I do!
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User Info: The_Pro_310

9 years ago#43
There are checklists like this in the cheats section but still handy for this board.

User Info: bpdfs

9 years ago#44
after spending time doing this all you get is no ammo cap.. I mean come on, there could have been something better.. Im 97.50 and not looking forward to no cap ammo..

User Info: Willzord

9 years ago#45
Can anyone confirm my question? (a few posts ago)

User Info: Trini_Bwoi

9 years ago#46
No, Pathos will be where you ran into him, for you to redo it.
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User Info: Eleventyish

9 years ago#47
No ammo cap doesn't sound that bad.
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User Info: pauly_27

9 years ago#48
Is anyone else having some trouble with activities not unlocking? I have just got flying rats left, but I am 1.67% short after that, which is the percentage of a friend activity.

I've done everything I can do with Jacob, Brucie and Packie 3 times over, and still nothing. I've obviously unlocked their ability's, and I'm at 100% like and respect with them all. Wtf?
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User Info: dratsab

9 years ago#49
thanks playa
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User Info: chunk_e_bear

9 years ago#50

Where is the Annhilator for shooting all 200 pigeons?

Anyone else think this reward sucks too since theres always an annhilator you can take a couple blocks north of the Helitours?

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