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The Zombie Mod

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User Info: plasmasuper

9 years ago#1
Man, I wish we could do modding on the xbox 360 version. I really would like to play a zombie mod of GTA. I think it would be perfect.

Think about it, a huge city, thousands of pedestrians, endless possibilities. You could start with like, 2-3 zombies, and let the infection spread naturally, with the survivors, the player, trying to kill the original zombies or go bunker up somewhere and try to survive a day or two, or until your dead.

It would be awesome to hold up on a bridge, blocking off both sides with cars and tankers, and throwing grenades into a huge crowd of zombies, then your buddy with an infernus zooms on the other side, and you hop in with zombies breathing down your necks.

You would of course have to restrict helicopters, or make a fuel gauge, and have a limited number of helicopters, so it wouldnt get boring. It would also be better if there were more buildings to go inside. Hospitals are pretty raw. You'd have to SWAT style clear the rooms, killing your buddies that get infected. If you do get infected, you would randomly start as one of the zombies.

There would have to be more work done on the side of the zombies, as moving slowly and getting killed easily isnt very fun, but I think it would be an awesome mod for the game.

Anyone else got any cool ideas, or want to elaborate on mine?
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User Info: Kevageit

9 years ago#2
I love the zombie games, I've played nearly every resident evil game, beat dead rising many times, and have played near every zombie game I can get my hands on. I'd love to see a mod like this come out. Downloadable content that you could turn on like the cheats section on your phone could be neat... Anything like what you've mentioned would be great...
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User Info: zeldafanjtl

9 years ago#3
Just wait for the PC version. That will have mods.
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User Info: asifo

9 years ago#4
It'd make sense.....

IF this was the I am Legend Official Movie Video Game.

User Info: DarknessLion

9 years ago#5
^^Good Movie. It be pretty cool. That might have some replay value to it too.

User Info: heerohart

9 years ago#6
i love zombie games i would play it

User Info: plasmasuper

9 years ago#7
Does anyone else have any mods they would like to see?
GT: kwg pl4sma Playstation Network Name: kwg pl4sma Wii Code: Too lazy to look it up

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