Are all the prostitutes fat, and black? D:

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  3. Are all the prostitutes fat, and black? D:

User Info: PlasticCoder

9 years ago#1
I wanna get my groove on with some babes, but Dx, fat black women, just make it so i try to avoid them, is there at least some girls that are skinny? D:

User Info: wwervin

9 years ago#2
Pixelated video game characters man... forget about what they look like.

User Info: randomfan234

9 years ago#3
go into the streets, come back, and tell me if you find 1 attractive prostitute in real life.

User Info: pizzasmuggler

9 years ago#4
There are skinny white crackheads.
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User Info: SSJ5_Goku-San

9 years ago#5
Fat chicks need loving too....They just gotta pay.

User Info: blade_luver

9 years ago#6
I have the same problem.

No, fat chicks need to put down the fork, then get love.
Good morning world, now make me some fricking eggs.

User Info: HappyHeizman

9 years ago#7
As randomfan said, go outside and find a beautiful prostitute, and once you do that, collect the million dollar bill under your pillow.
Gamertag: Papa Heizman
Currently Pwning: Call of Duty 4, Grand Theft Auto IV

User Info: dustman123

9 years ago#8
dude, is there any other kind?
What do you do if you see a bear in the woods?
suicidal, homicidal, genocidal...its all fun in the end

User Info: athomas917

9 years ago#9
In all gta games, when you first start, all or most of the hookers are fat and fugly. As you progress, they get better looking as your get more clout.
Gamertag: Donn Magic Juan

User Info: needsnointro

9 years ago#10
Good-looking prostitutes exist. For $360 I rooted twin 18yr olds that looked heaps like The Veronicas in the 'Untouched' film clip for an hour.

I also have proof since a mate 'accidentally' walked in on it.
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  3. Are all the prostitutes fat, and black? D:

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