I Found a secret island

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User Info: Myea

8 years ago#11
Hes actually not lying strangely enough you need to go directly southeast from the southeastern most point of land in the game. and it only takes like 5 minutes

WARNING~ DO NOT SAVE when you get there.

User Info: Dsh1znit

8 years ago#12

i found a secret island that had all the cool stuff they took out it was called San Andreas

User Info: stan61215

8 years ago#13

I was flying my jet over the island and it crash landed. There was a smoke monster and a polar bear and a group or crazy inhabitants called the others.

User Info: kvn217

8 years ago#14
i know what island your talking about stan cause i was on flight 815 too. did u get a chance to meet henry gale yet?
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User Info: MasterChief802

8 years ago#15
Topic = Fail

Lost reference = Win
GT: Swirko

User Info: burgermeister

8 years ago#16
I found an island. Tom Hanks was on it.

User Info: trumpton

8 years ago#17
Death by Tom Hanks would be slow and boring.

User Info: eagleye016

8 years ago#18
I found that island too! Keep looking around and you should find a giant monkey head. Some peds talk about some treasure called "Big Whoop" hidden inside.
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User Info: Arrowsedge89

8 years ago#19
Thats nothing guys.. I found bigfoot.. on a boat..
Gamertag: Arrowsedge86
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User Info: Raptor_001

8 years ago#20
Oh yeah, well I found an island called Rand McNally and over there, hamburgers ate people!
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