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User Info: rmc52482

6 years ago#1
On the 360 board(forget what the topic was) everyones pick was Shadowrun, Shadowrun, Shadowrun, that's all I heard lol. So I ebayed it new for $10 with shipping. Of course it goes for $1 on windows the next day :-)

Didn't realize this was MP only til reading this board today. All I needed to read was elves and dwarves to want this game.

If anyone wants to team up my GT is: Rmc52482

Just say eloquent tale my good lad or that was a fine accounting of your exploits my goodman. Don't dumb this down to Cool Story Bro you will get moderated!!!!

User Info: xmonkeyofevil

6 years ago#2
I just picked this up the other day as well. Gt: xmonkey of evil

I'll send you a friend request later.
12-10-10, 17 Years of Doom

User Info: Brendy_Boy

6 years ago#3
I just got the game again yesterday for PC. I played a lot when I had it on Xbox 360. GT: Brendover.
Xbox Live Gamertag: Brendover
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