This made me cry....

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User Info: _lolnut_

7 years ago#1
This was posted on another forum. I just want to share this with you.

Ok. Well, everyone in this thread's played Elite Beat Agents. And everyone knows about A Christmas Gift, the stage set to You're the Inspiration. The last time 7 year old Lucy sees her father is right before Christmas, when he leaves on a business trip. A year later, he doesn't return, and you all know why. He says he'll be back by Christmas.

It's a sad story, and I'm sure that for some time it got to you. Everyone felt a little sadder after it. But that's not how it was for me. It hit me a lot closer to home. More than any game has any right to. And more than any game ever will.

I'll start it out with the obvious part: When I picked this game up at gamestop, it was early February 2009. Earlier this year. My father died of a heart attack on January 3rd. Just a few days after Christmas. So right from the start, I knew this was going to get to me. I hadn't seen it before, but from the very premise of it, I could see how I was going to feel. And I was alone in the dark at night, a very emotional setting for playing games.

User Info: _lolnut_

7 years ago#2
The song starts, and I start to play it. Lucy and her mom are cleaning up her father's room. The end of the scene shows Lucy picking up her dad's diary, and seeing a picture fall out of it. It's a picture of her and her mom, that her dad always kept with him.

About a week after my dad's death, my mom and I were cleaning out my dad's drawers. There was a lot of papers, but what caught my eye was a little envelope marked "Jared's Drawings, 1999". Inside was about 15 little pieces of paper with pokemon drawings on them. Drawings I made when I was in 3rd grade. And he kept them. All those years. And this is all I could think about as the scene played out

I was almost crying. But not quite. It was sad, and it hurt, but it wasn't anything too terrible. I kept going. The next part of the song was Lucy and her mom baking a cake. It's a birthday cake. They're celebrating his birthday, even though he's gone.

January 3rd was 2 weeks before January 17th. My dad was exactly two weeks from his 60th birthday. My brother, my mom and I went to my cousin's house then. My mom ended up talking to my aunt while I laid on the couch crying

It was a looser connection, but I felt it. I didn't cry. Not yet. I was just focusing on the song, trying to get through it.

Lucy was having a nightmare. She was running, trying to catch her father's ghost, trying to catch up to it and talk to him. She jumps at it and cries out. He turns around and faces her right as she wakes up. [Spoiler]All that was running through my mind was a dream I had. It was just blank white, pure white, except for me and my dad. The night my dad died we were arguing. And I couldn't stand how my relationship with my dad, the guy who raised me, the guy who loved me, ended. I don't remember much of it, but I know we were just talking. I apologized, said I loved him. And though we weren't on good terms when he died, he was my dad. And I always did and always will love him, even when it didn't seem like it. I don't want to go into it much further, I'm crying too much right now, but that's what was running through my mind when I saw it.
I was just trying to hold myself together. I wouldn't cry, I shouldn't cry. It's just a game. But... The game kept going. Last scene, music gets a little louder. I did it, I got through it without crying. I knew it was over.

But that last part, the part I didn't see coming. The lyrics and melody get higher, which is always something that got me emotionally. And the last note was a slider. Shaped like a Christmas Star.

I don't know what happened, what came over me, /v/. I just... I lost it. I broke out into tears, uncontrollably. I fell over out of my chair, I curled up in my blanket, a blanket he got me for Christmas a few years ago. I closed the DS, didn't even save. And I cried. I fell asleep in total darkness.

I woke up the next morning with my face against a damp carpet. I opened my DS, and I saw "Merry Christmas". All I could do was smile.

I didn't write it but as I said, I wanted to share it.

User Info: Stinkoman87

7 years ago#3
Wow. Just... wow.

Maybe the Elite Beat Agents really do exist.
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User Info: Lord_Eliwood

7 years ago#4
This almost made me cry.
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User Info: UNLVCSSlacker

7 years ago#5
<spoilers if you haven't gotten that far in the game yet...>
I just picked this up yesterday, and I was enjoying it until I got to this christmas song...

The game had a silly, strange, but still happy theme to it in the past 11 missions. Then this happened...Dad died. Mom yelled at the kid. The kid was sitting there, shaking and sobbing. The commander just sat there... Lucy was too upset to cry for help... What a dark turn that was. The song started, and your taps helped make the music. The scenes were heard wrenching. The music was touching. The star slider... And the Merry Christmas message.

Maybe a quarter of the way though the song I was trying to ignore the tears streaming down my cheeks. By the end up the song, I was much like Lucy at the beginning of the song... Whimpering, sobbing, and a wreck... Khan shouldn't have given the congratulatory yes... I think I officially hate him for that.

I guess the biggest question is this... What the hell, man?

User Info: Kirbyfreak411

7 years ago#6
It didn't hit as close for me (as I've just lost grandparents to old-age) and so I'm not too touchy or sensitive to the areas, but this song definitely is different and got me a bit misty-eyed, seriously.
I like stuff like this. It's nice. (At least so long as there's a happy ending.)
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User Info: Hanenian

7 years ago#7
I don't know what to say _lolnut_. I was gonna post on Gamefaqs something humorous (albeit true) about how I bought Elite Beat, loved playing it, till I get to A Christmas Gift...

What the hell! I've never been through anything like this irl, but still it got to me. It's all silly, fun stories, then...Lucy looses her father, too young to deal with the reality of the situation, clutching onto a promise at Xmas. Game's really hurt sometimes...
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User Info: malafaia2010

7 years ago#8
Kinda made me sad too. The atmosphere of the Christmas level in EBA was really different from the other levels. And I also have to say that the text almost made me cry. One of my favorite games if you ask me.

User Info: NeoHonker

7 years ago#9
This almost made me cry.


_lolnut_, I can understand how you feel. I lost my father suddenly a few years ago as well, and "A Christmas Gift" took on a special significance to me in a similar way to how it affects you. My deepest condolences. Brawl FC: 4081-5176-5770. Add me to your friends! kthxbai

User Info: angeldeb82

7 years ago#10
It is a scene that is almost reminiscent of Touched by an Angel.
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