Best Weapon/Mods so far?

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User Info: Mechangmenow

6 years ago#1
I'm at Act 2 (51% complete), so this list is obviously going to miss some weapon types

Blade Weapons
- Knifes: good for poking, usually low durability and low force but very quick and does pretty good damage. I kept a few in the beginning for throwing/desperation weapon only. Very common

- Cleaver: good for cutting, takes out thug arms ezpz. Still reasonable to throw around, they're a little more durable than knives but are still pretty weak. Good damage

- Cane Knife: big blade, cutting tool but very fragile. I sell these.

- Machetes: by far the best type of blade weapon so far. Durable enough not to be completely useless, great damage, alright force, cuts like a beast.

- Sickles: these seem to cut things the easiest, but are always really fragile. Damage is usually ok, but more or less useless in a rush. I sell these too

- Axes: I've only encountered a few of these, they're really strong and have tons of damage and force, but the swing is incredibly slow and drains stamina like crazy. Overall, since they are such a heavy drain I just ignore these.

Blunt Weapons
Paddle: you start off with these, they're weak in everything. Still, relatively durable for a beginning item.

Stick: surprisingly, i actually carry one of these at around lvl 27. At first they're moderately durable, but have surprisingly strong attributes... for being a stick. Depends on how good of a stick you find.

Pipes: Rusty, heavy, etc... so far, i haven't found a reason to keep a pipe over anything else. Still, they're very common so you'll find tons of these to use as backup, or a throwaway weapon.

Wrench: good durability, great finishing weapons since they have tons of force. Damage is pretty good too. Very very short range though, so not exactly your go-to weapon.

Hammer: similar to the wrench, the range is just retarded. I actually have a harder time killing baddies with this thing vs. the wrench. So far, i throw em away.

Baseball Bat: by far the most reliable blunt weapon so far, good durability, good damage, good force. The best thing about them is how they are a base item for tons of mods. I always keep an eye out for these.

Mace: they seem to be a little less durable than baseball bats (wooden ones only so far), but do better damage. Very similar to baseball bats, much more rare than baseball bats too.

Pistol: just a good old pistol. Guns don't deteriorate, but have trouble holding ammo (unless you're purna). Good damage, good RoF, good accuracy.

Revolver: slow firing, good damage, bad accuracy. Pistols are more useful IMO, especially since they have larger ammo clips. I think the revolvers have more stopping power though.

Rifle: high RoF, damage, accuracy. Ammo is a big problem so far.

Ripper: best mod so far. Combines the power and force of a blunt weapon with a cutting edge. This is my go-to weapon. Fully upgraded, my Ripper mod baseball bat has around 50 durability, 250 damage + bleed damage + cut

Impact: this is basically an electrocution mod, i put one on my mace. Iono, it's useful I guess, especially when you do get that critical hit and electrocute your enemy. But overall, a bit disappointed, doesn't have that significant effect that ripper mod has.

Torch: i used this one on a spiteful stick. Seems to burn people much more often than my other weapons electrocute. Only problem is you're likely to burn yourself by setting a zombie on fire and having him tackle you. Still, does tons of damage.

Poison: used this on my sickle, poison is lame (so far). Don't like it.

High-Voltage: used this on my axe, meh. I accidentally threw my axe and lost it, so never really got to use it too much.

Anyway, these are a few of my thoughts. Anyone else got some cool stuff? I'm trying to work on the pirahna mod (it was purple)
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User Info: RoxasChaos0

6 years ago#2
What about the crowbar?

User Info: the_tyrant14

6 years ago#3
I'm surprised you didn't mention Cudgels. You can't swing them as much as a stick, which is my second favorite weapon type ;), but they sport an absurd amount of force with high damage and good durability. I'm only at Act 2 30% progress, but I found an orange cudgel for sale that I Nail'd and it's sitting at 230+100 damage, 470+206 force, and 44+35 durability. I don't know if the +X is added in to the full number, but this thing packs enough of a wallop to stagger Thugs with each hit.

Plus it's very satisfying to one shot Infected sprinting towards you with a well timed blow to the head.
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User Info: TJRunsWild

6 years ago#4
I'm far ahead of you but the best weapon i have is a Wazikashi (Katana) with the Paralyze mod and fully upgraded. 788 base damage + 345 from max upgrade. It also paralyzes.
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User Info: bmv

6 years ago#5
Wakazishi is a short sword, there's katanas shortly afterwards.

So far my favorite mod is the pistol mod "Pride"

It may be weaker than the shock mod but I can still 1-2 shot normal zombies and as a bonus it can KNOCK THUGS / OTHER SPECIAL ZOMBIES DOWN.

Why is knocking them down better than electrocuting? Because you can curb stomp them to save ammo/weapon durability. Also you don't have to wait for them to stop being electrocuted in order to loot.

I'm currently looking for shotgun/assault rifle mods AND the assault rifle ammo recipe (on second playthrough). Haven't heard word of anyone knowing where to find the assault rifle ammo recipe yet.
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User Info: IcedMetal

6 years ago#6
Short Circuit or Paralyzing Mod on my Deadly Military Machete. You get it from the sidequest where you have to find the aircraft wreckage. High durability, high damage esp when upgraded, and the shock can usually put most special zombies down. Paralyzing for when i'm surrounded by lots of infected, when it kicks in it disables them for awhile and could save you. Plus sometimes im tired of shock all the time, especially as it damages you as well if you get too close.

User Info: zerocoal

6 years ago#7
If you like to smack enemies while they are down, weapons with high force are the best.

Force turns into pure damage on knocked down enemies.
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User Info: Mechangmenow

6 years ago#8
i actually never got the chance to pick up a cudgel. Never really found one.

I also forgot the knuckles... well, what can you say about em. I found a pair that does insane damage, great force, GREAT durability (40+22)... the only problem is i wouldnt trust using em in a horde. Still, fun to punch people!
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