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User Info: Lastat27

5 years ago#1
Welcome the Purna Database!

The following is a complete collection of every major topic I've created on Purna (console forums). Thousands of words, hours of testing, non-stop research, and plenty of decapitation went into it's creation. If there's something you're wondering about there's a good chance this topic will answer it. This is to also be my last post for this game. A memoir to the glorious time I had (and time I lost). I've been hit with the auto-save glitch twice now which has obliterated a cumulative total of 18 hours of game play. But it's time to talk some Purna. So without further ado:

Purna: A Skill Guide
Wondering what skills survive the test of time? Staring at your skill tree wondering what to choose next? Did you know guns don't use stamina or have to be repaired? Find out my ultimate build after 30 hours of game play.

LINK: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/942713-dead-island/60264420

Purna: The First 25 Levels
Not sure if Purna is right for you? Worried that guns and ammo are simply too rare to make this a worthwhile character? Read on to discover the islands hidden truth. Useful tips and information discovered on my way to 25.

LINK: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/622414-dead-island/60250945

Purna: Infinite Ammo Obtained!
An unlimited amount of Ammo is available at the comfort of your very own workbench. Read on to learn how to supply your character with all the ammo she'll ever need. "Refill your Pistol ammo to capacity for only $1000? No Problem! Take a dump on the face of ammo shortage. That's DISGAEA 4! (Oh wait..)"

LINK: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/942713-dead-island/60260620

Purna: Recycler vs. Providence (Attention Ammo Crafters)
Did you know Providence counts crafted ammo as loot? Did you know both skills also stack at the workbench? Find out which combination of the two yields the perfect result!

LINK: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/622414-dead-island/60270366

Extra Useful Information
- If you take Grim Inspiration 3/3 (+30% Rage boost for Modded weapon kills) and Righteous Fire (+30% Rage boost for Gun kills) you refill your Rage meter incredibly fast. How fast? Using Modded Guns (60% Rage Boost) it only takes 11 zombie kills!! If you also take Volatile (Rage required to use Fury -15%) you're looking at 9 - 10 kills. The fact that her Rage also refills her health to 100% and obliterates every zombie on screen makes this gun spamming Fury ability a destructive force of.. non-nature!

- Having trouble with 3 vs 1 battles? Jump + Kick = Drop Kick. Use it. Love it! It consumes 50% of your Stamina gauge but has a 100% knockdown versus Walkers and Infected (whew). Drop kick 2 zombies and use regular kicks on the third. Mop up all three at once as stamina refills and kick any that try to get back up.

- Can't find a decent sharp weapon? Look no further! There's a special vendor who has a Purple Military Machete with 44 durability (perfect) in his inventory 100% of the time. And best of all? Stuff you buy in stores is always at your current level. Return to this vendor every 5 levels or so for all your stabbing needs. Location: South West (more west then south) of the Church. Sometimes guarded by a Ram.
PSN: Galactimus | Interest: Disgaea 4, Deus Ex: HR, Sacred 2

User Info: Lastat27

5 years ago#2
Anyone have the location for the 'Rifle Ammo' recipe? That's one thing missing from this database.
PSN: Galactimus | Interest: Disgaea 4, Deus Ex: HR, Sacred 2

User Info: Casetwo

5 years ago#3
Can you elaborate more on where to find the vendor? Thank you

User Info: redness19

5 years ago#4
Tagged for later reading. I thought Purna's rage mode seemed awesome when buffed but no one posting in my thread thought so. Rage mode every ten or so kills seems sweet.

User Info: Lightcraft

5 years ago#5
Could you include a picture of the location to find the machete vendor, a constant supply of purple machete would be nice

User Info: piyo_piyo

5 years ago#6
where is this magical vendor that sells this purple machete?
mmmm... yeeeeeeeah, you see, it's just we're putting cover sheets on ALL TPS reports from now on. Didn't you get the memo?

User Info: Lastat27

5 years ago#7
Starting from the Church if you set your way point to the Police Station it''ll lead to towards the vendor. There's also a crafting bench nearby. The area is swarmed by zombies so you can't even use the bench before clearing them out. To talk to the vendor you have to jump over crates.

Go south from the church and head west as soon as you can. Cross the bridge loaded with zombies and keep going west. Stay on this 'main' street and you'll see the vendor and crafting bench appear.
PSN: Galactimus | Interest: Dead Island, Disgaea 4, Sacred 2
The Purna Database: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/942713-dead-island/60270910

User Info: kroonermanblack

5 years ago#8
Why was it neccesary to post links to other threads, instead of simply copy/pasting the data here for a single central location? Didn't seem like there was much/any discussion in the threads you linked.

User Info: _Dragonmaster_

5 years ago#9
When I went see that vendor, he didn't have any machete's, let alone a purple one.

User Info: WithYouForYou

5 years ago#10
Yeah, he almost never has a purple machete. You do realize vendors carry the same loot for quite a while, right?
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