Phoenix ringtone!!

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User Info: Ultimamaster33

8 years ago#1
hey guys,does anyone knows where i can get phoenix's ringtone?or how to make it?(u know,with the composer xD)
i really want it!it's so cool!

User Info: ShinSaito

8 years ago#2

It's at the very bottom. Just right-click and save.
Aku Soku Zan

User Info: WhatTheDeuce92

8 years ago#3
I love that ringtone!

User Info: KStrike45

8 years ago#4
Use iTunes, convert to AAC with max of 40 secs, delete, locate file, and drag into "Ringtones"

or go to where Steel Samurai ringtone is uploaded. I also uploaded cornered and objection if you want them too.
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