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User Info: hellazombies

9 years ago#1
you must have a custom firmware to do so, and this is not a guide on how to install this for DevHook.

Link to the site with the cheat device download by Edison Carter:

Link for the site to download WINRAR to view the Cheat Device files:

The exact line to put into your game (or game.txt) document, just copy and paste this in there (this can also be found in the readme file in the Winrar download of the Cheat Device, but this is easier to find):


IF YOU HAVE 3.71 M33:

Drag vcscheatdevice371.prx into SEplugins

Paste this into game text document:


My Portable: [ + [__]-:-] 3.71m33

User Info: kazn_

9 years ago#2
what if u have 4.01....

User Info: raventomorow

9 years ago#3
I have 4.01 m33_2. Install the same way?

User Info: reaper_killa

9 years ago#4
I recently upgraded to 4.01 M33-2 from 3.95 M33-3; it still works fine.

User Info: IHackedMyPsp

9 years ago#5
new account i got banned

i havent tried it on 4.01m33
but i know it work on 3.71m33 tho 3.90m33

User Info: IHackedMyPsp

9 years ago#6
this is to add more cheats on to your cheat device

click register and then make a user name and a password
or log in if you already have a account

click CHEATS LIST and there are all cheats

blue is for Liberty City Stories
pink is for Vice City Stories

click and a cheat you want then go to the
top of the page and then you see a thing says
add to your favorites or download click download

and download your CHEAT PACKAGE
and save it to your desktop and there shold be a file
called Cheat Pack and open the file
click run

then get your psp and put it into USB mode and open the thing
that has all your stuff like music dont click any thing btw
and go to the file you downloaded and then click install cheats

and your done!!!!

User Info: IHackedMyPsp

9 years ago#7
raventomorow i just upgrade to 4.01m33-2 yea install the same way but im trying to find out
how to put more cheats on 4.01m33-2
My Portable (+.[___]-:-) psp 4.01m33-2

User Info: IHackedMyPsp

9 years ago#8
wheh you after you install it turn your psp off 100%
go to recovery mode go to

then enable (PLAIN MODULES IN UMD/ISO) only that

go back then back again
go to PLUGINS and ENABLE then i think there something that
says vcs cheat device ENABLE THAT go back then go to exit

start your VCS game when the loading screen is done the cheats should pop up by it self
if it didnt you did some wrong
My Portable (+.[___]-:-) 4.01M33-2

User Info: gusluxury202

9 years ago#9

Hey guys...

I really suck at all this programming stuff so could any of you please save the game and link where i could download your save file cause it apparently also stays on the save file from what Ive heard

Thx loads

User Info: Greerall123

9 years ago#10
yes plese post a game save with chete device cheats on it pleases.
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