what does 100% mp content cheat do?

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  3. what does 100% mp content cheat do?

User Info: Assassin4Life

9 years ago#1
i know mp is multiplayer but what does it do? let you access more of the map in multiplayer?
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User Info: xyboink

9 years ago#2
no, the mp is for playing with your friends. There is several mp contents. In fact; all these contents are "fighting-time"

User Info: buchit666

9 years ago#3

MP Content Cheat works for your character's energy. You enter this code when your character gets tired from running. But it really isn't worth it, because your energy is easily replenished.
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User Info: xyboink

9 years ago#4

ow; i'm wrong ?

but if you said the truth; why is there a cheat. If you want infinitive energy: complete the ambulance mission. Not difficult...


8 years ago#5
Um, NO, the MP content cheats unlock Multiplayer content, where the hell did you get energy from?

As you progress through the game, you unlock more multiplayer content for every quarter of the storyline you complete. After the final mission, you get the last 25% of MP content and then you have everything.

I haven't tried MP yet so I'm not sure what each bit unlocks.
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User Info: rockyrockstar

8 years ago#6
it unlocks modes
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  3. what does 100% mp content cheat do?

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