the M60 gun!!

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User Info: Ares__Controler

5 years ago#1
Ok need some help with this M60 gun have found it at renie's studio there infront on the right hand side up the bords, bu when pick it up only have 100 bullets, have keeped on picking it up when ever can but would like to know if ? can buy it somewhere or unlock it by doing a sertin mission of stunt or something like that so please help

User Info: Blitzkrieg_1996

5 years ago#2

you get it when you shoot all 99 red balloons

User Info: 1kaizerben

5 years ago#3
When you collect all 99 red balloons the M249 will spawn at every safe house you have earned via the storyline progress. You will get 100 ammo for the gun everytime you pick it up from your safehouse.

User Info: Darkrobotisback

5 years ago#4
Theirs a studio. In that studio their are three sound stages. One of those sound stages contains the M60 machine gun. If you keep coming back their you will eventually see it spawn back.

Good luck on your quest of Mayham.
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