strange glitch

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User Info: lalelulelosop

5 years ago#1
ive gotten this glitch about i was driving below a bridge in the first city always happens during one of the northern bridges and its basically and upside down car being attracted by the bridges magnetic pulse somehow, then when i come back to check on the car i notice its disappeared
anyone ever gotten this before?
PSN: Solid_Gabe136

User Info: brute_strength

5 years ago#2
Try shooting it :)

User Info: lalelulelosop

5 years ago#3
o would take a picture of it with my camera lol if i knew were to get one again
PSN: Solid_Gabe136

User Info: GTA_Edm

5 years ago#4

You mean this? Yup, been a glitch since day one. Fun times!

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