how far did you go? (trials) *major spoilers*

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User Info: anotherandomguy

7 years ago#1
I'm referring to the 5 trials Ethan had to go through. Did you do them all? Did you realize it just wasn't worth it and stopped?
For me I couldn't kill the guy (the 4th trial) When it came to killing another person, let alone someone with 2 kids, you realize your just as bad, if not worse then the killer. When the 5th trial came around I couldn't bring myself to drink the poison. I figured he had been through hell, and I felt that he really deserved to live. I had 3/5 clues and I thought it was enough.

However I will not go any further as to what happened, I just wanna know how far you went.
Simply because of the multiple endings I would rather not spoil them or have them spoiled for me so if you could refrain from posting how the game turned out i would greatly appreciate it.
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User Info: ChocOdin

7 years ago#2
I got fried into cowardice and couldn't kill the drug dealer, but I did take the poison 3/5 as well
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User Info: ryano23277

7 years ago#3
3/5 missed the Electricity one & shooting the dealer

User Info: MortalPixel

7 years ago#4
I did all five, but I really did sit there with the game paused for 30 minutes thinking if I should kill the drug dealer.
"WHAT DID YOU SAY!? A horse wiener?! Now that's dangerous!! Guys! Don't let your guard down!"
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User Info: Omnislash28027

7 years ago#5
I didn't kill the guy either but there was many good reasons to. He was a drug dealer, it's possible the picture is fake and he doesn't have kids, he tried to kill you as well, you're son is your blood. I regretted the kill when I remembered there's a trophy for doing all 5 but I have to do another playthrough anyways.

I did drink the poison because of a trophy and just for the hell of it. You don't actually die (you did post spoilers in the title so deal with it)

I had 4/5 at the end.
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User Info: 1EyedXand

7 years ago#6
Passed them all. Man, is this game intense!!!
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User Info: Loose

7 years ago#7
My Ethan completed all the trials. As my mindset went, after feeling as though I didn't do enough to save Jason, I would do whatever was necessary to save Shaun. Redemption, if you will. BTW, killing the drug dealer was nicely done.

User Info: hyperius1

7 years ago#8
4/5. Couldn't kill the drug dealer. Did everything else though, including poison.
GT: Hyperius

User Info: AmuroRei78

7 years ago#9
I drove the highway, finished the power station, cut off my finger with a ax and sutchered with a hit ass pole, killed the drug dealer and didn't take the poison. I reasoned, I wouldn't have left my kid alone and ruined, just enough time to say goodbye. There HAD to be another way. turns out in my case it was. **** that drug dealer. everyone has a sad story in life. I honestly played the game, doing everything I would have had. But i never had second thoughts about killing that ******* dealer, especially after he tried to kill me.

User Info: MortalPixel

7 years ago#10
The Drug dealer death scene... Is probably the best scene out of the entire game.
"WHAT DID YOU SAY!? A horse wiener?! Now that's dangerous!! Guys! Don't let your guard down!"
AC:CF - FC:1848-5209-8550 , Name: Will , Town: Tazmilly
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