Shaun's mother/ethan's wife (spoilers)

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User Info: pres_madagascar

7 years ago#1
Well, ex wife.

I hate her. Her son dies so she breaks up the family and leaves Ethan with majority custody and keeps putting him through a guilt trip.

Then when Shaun goes missing she blames Ethan, calls Hin the killer, and cries for her son back.

She obviously must not want him that bad after damn near abandoning him and breaking up the family.

I knew a girl like that irl, my friends mom after my friends sister died.

User Info: pres_madagascar

7 years ago#2
No one?

User Info: tuckatangent

7 years ago#3
Yeah, I'm not a fan either. I mean, I understand why she left, but I feel so bad for Ethan.

User Info: StaticPenguin

7 years ago#4
I think it's ridiculous she left Ethan to begin with. The man dove in front of a car to save his son. So she leaves him for nearly getting himself killed? I mean I can't imagine how I'd feel if something like that happened to my kids but still.... Leaving Ethan was not the answer.
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User Info: pres_madagascar

7 years ago#5
She's selfish.

User Info: Lady_Siara

7 years ago#6
Yeah, she annoyed the hell out of me.

I feel like she spends her entire time in the game yelling at you.

User Info: Ultima Weltall

Ultima Weltall
7 years ago#7
She also gets that really nice house, too.
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User Info: gotspork

7 years ago#8
we don't know what happened with their marriage. we have absolutely no idea whether she broke up the marriage or not. in fact, usually with these divorces that happen after a child dies it is a mutual break up.

she is mean to him about shaun, though.
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User Info: MrSommelier

7 years ago#9
Actually during the scene where Grace goes to the police station by herself she infers that she and Ethan are just separated and she only left him 6 months ago when he started having blackouts. It still doesn't explain why she would leave her son in the custody of a man who constantly blacks out and she doesn't trust, but it is worth noting that she in fact did not leave him because of Jason's death.

I also thought it was weird in my ending when Ethan and Shaun move into a new apartment and Grace isn't seen or mentioned. You'd think that if Ethan successfully saved Shaun and didn't hook up with Madison then he and Grace would have reconciled.
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User Info: Darth Mudin

Darth Mudin
7 years ago#10
I do find it horrible that Grace would leave Ethan who suffered horrible brain trauma after trying to save Jason; she appears to blame Ethan for what Jason's death, and for Shuan's kidnapping; then, to top it off, basically told the police that Ethan is the origami killer. Nice ex-wife you got there, Ethan.
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  3. Shaun's mother/ethan's wife (spoilers)

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