Lauren and Shelby? *MAJOR SPOILERS*

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User Info: paraderain

7 years ago#1

I may just be forgetting something, and I'll feel stupid if there's a topic about this already, but I've just been wondering. I beat the game (after royally messing up in the end) and when Shelby's getting drowned in the car with Lauren, I didn't manage to save her. I didn't really try. But after that, Shelby goes on the rampage of killing numerous men in that... rich guy's house (can't remember the name and Google is no thanks) for killing Lauren (even though it was my fault - I'm assuming you can save her? Maybe not, I don't know).

Seeing as Shelby is the killer, I'm not sure why he cared so much about her dying. She was trying to catch the killer - him - and... wouldn't he WANT her dead? I think it may be because she wanted to actually get revenge for her son's death, and Shelby's whole motive is to see if there is a parent out there who would do anything to save their son (as his dad didn't). Johnny was long gone, but she still wanted to get back at the killer for it, by uh. Killing him.

ANYWAYS. I don't know. I just don't really get why he DIDN'T want Lauren around. To make it so he seemed more innocent by "trying to find the killer"? I just. I don't know. I'm probably going to regret posting this but... opinions? Other thoughts? I'm just a little confused.

PS. AW MAN. Could I have just ditched her after she got angry and left the car?

User Info: gotspork

7 years ago#2
I think scott came to like her during their investigations.
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User Info: Amaranth_Silver

7 years ago#3
Actually, he goes to the house and kills everybody even if you save Lauren.

User Info: Okay_Computer

7 years ago#4
He was probably pretty pissed about Kramer trying to kill him, too. He goes and kills everybody if Lauren lives, anyway.
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User Info: slayer_duo

7 years ago#5
I think the revenge killing spree was more because Kramer had tried to kill Shelby. Also, Shelby may feel guilty about killing her son. He was focused on testing the fathers because his father was a failure, but he never thought about the mothers, and Lauren was proving that maybe she would've been able to complete the trials and save her son. I don't know, I'm just making stuff up. In all honesty, that scene really didn't fit with the character or the story, but sure was fun to play.

User Info: ZiggyStardust72

7 years ago#6
I don't think Shelby held anything against her, and if you look all of his victims are fathers and sons, so it seems kind of like he hates men but doesn't hold anything against women, so maybe he just liked her?
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User Info: ephemeralM

7 years ago#7

you have to take into account that shelby is not a cold blooded murderer. of course, you can kill people during the periods you control him but you always have a choice and decide not to. shelby is a psychopath and i think he might have actually liked lauren, all of his hate was targeted at his father. not against the kids (he even wasn't killing them directly) and not against other people. the only times when he wanted to kill madison and jayden were to protect his identity as the origami killer.

User Info: Deaddster

7 years ago#8
Scott went after Kramer for trying to kill him. I saved Lauren and he still went after the dude. Someone said this already.

User Info: DevilD2005

7 years ago#9
I think Shelby had a soul somewhere inside and he genuinely cared for her.

User Info: rahmed51387

7 years ago#10
Plus, it's true that he has respect for women.

Evidenced in many scenarios, including
- Not taking advantage of Lauren in the Sleazy Place
- In the flashback of John's death, if you listen to his thoughts on Mom, he thinks of her fondly... "Mom would never let him treat us like that".
- If you had visited Ann Shepard, one of the ending has a flashback where he does indeed visit his mother at the hospital
- Treating the mother with the baby gently and saving her from suicide.

He doesn't have anything against women for his own mother treated him well. However, because of his father's negligence to his sons, his desire to see a caring father drove him to his actions. That is also why he takes an interest in Ethan at the end cutscenes.
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