need a lil help please

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User Info: Angelwings_in_f

8 years ago#1
i just got the sims 2 pets and i had the homeless dogs sarah and danny move in with one of my families. the problem is they wont eat :S i put the food bowl out fill it and nothing, they sit there starving to death.
i have another family with a dog i made and that one eats fine.
im really puzzled. they bowl is in the right postion and everything. any ideas???

User Info: Rasamere

8 years ago#2
Usually your pet is so hungry that it always has a Hunger need all the time. What you can try is to use the control pet cheat so you can make it eat.

To open the Cheat prompt hold Shift, Ctrl, C.
Then you can type "boolprop ControlPets on"(minus the quotes)
You can also use "boolprop PetActionCancel true" to cancel the annoying Need want.
If you still can't do it I think you can put your dog up for adoption and adopt it out again.
Good luck with that.
If I had a heart of gold, I would sell it.
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  3. need a lil help please

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