Can't beat Kazdan Paratus

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User Info: kmckeever

9 years ago#1
Anybody got any tips? I'm not even close, he destroys me every time.

User Info: felixrush

9 years ago#2
Force lightning and then force push followed by another lightning or push. Make sure to keep your distance when doing so.

If he summons the giant robot to protect himself (STUPID PIECE OF TRASH, WTF IS IT BEING USED THREE DAMN TIMES?!) then keep force dashing away (stupid hunk of crap has an attack that instantly hits where you are when he puts his fireball arm on the ground) and force lightning that over-sized piece of crap.
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User Info: ReignOfDestiny

9 years ago#3
funny.. I didn't find him too hard.. Pick up the "Council" members and charge them with lightning and then fling them at him... when the big guy comes in dodge and yank a cylinder out of the air outside (Yes you can do that) charge it with lightning and fling it at the Junk Golem, two of those and you can do the special kill....near the end you can just fling stuff at him from outside.

Use the force dammit

User Info: kmckeever

9 years ago#4

OK, well I just tried the force lightening/push thing, and while I see how it could work, the freakin' targeting is SO BAD that I cannot get it to target the dude even if I'm standing a foot away from him. Same goes for the giant junk monster thing too, I'll run right up to it, hit lightening, and boom, right between it's legs. WFT? The controls really tick me off.

Not to mention when he starts hurling stuff at you, there's no way out, I tried dodging, pushing, lightning - the stuff hits you and explodes no matter what and there's nothing you can do!

User Info: RASalvatore

9 years ago#5
for the junk golem, you only need to use force lightning on it, then a few strikes, jump back, repeat until destroyed. it's very easy.
This "Life" has some stunning graphics. Gameplay could do with some work though.

User Info: libatako

9 years ago#6
Kinda annoying boss fight at best.....force lightning is the key will also get into beam struggle mode with the lightning with kazdan........

after you stun with lightning.....square+circle to blow the fool away......he blocks regular force push attacks as well as charged ones.....any attempt to button mash with square will end up with you flat on your ass as the little dood will counter then repulse you........

in sith lord mode....its just getting their attack pattern down........
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User Info: ReignOfDestiny

9 years ago#7
I must be the only one who can use the targeting system and can control the player..I have not had any difficulties..maybe its just the PS3. :P

User Info: kmckeever

9 years ago#8


Dang, that level blew chunks, I was right on the edge of giving up for good. This targeting system is infuriating.

Ok, on to better times I hope!

User Info: kmckeever

9 years ago#9

Well, I was wrong. It only got worse. This game was obviously released waaayyyy too early. The controls: terrible. The camera: always in the wrong place. Gameplay: so repetitive due to how many BS times you die that it's boring as heck.

This game sucks. Big time. What a waste of money. Very disappointed.

User Info: n1nirvana

9 years ago#10
I'm sure you won't like my answer, but you need to learn to play better =]
I beat him about the 3rd time I fought him on sith lord.
It only took me that long because I wasn't dodging the stupid crap he chunks at you. Which is easily avoided using jumps and force rush.
The targeting is spot on, you just use R1 and hold it down so you stay locked onto him... I used force lightning the whole time then the force dash to dance around him, he never hit me while on the ground. The robot is beyond easy. Equip the saber crystal that gives your attacks a lightning chance on damage, hit the robot with one lightning blast, double jump up to his head, wail on him as much as possible. He'll get electrocuted almost every time during your combo in the air from the crystal. If not then just tap triangle to stun him again. Do this until he dies and get your life recharged. When he jumps onto the poles in the background, I just grab whatever he's throwing at me, charge it with lightning then collide it at high speed with the back of his face. If I am unable to grab it, that is when I dodge it using afore mentioned jumps and force rush.

So far this game is extremely entertaining and reminds me of a cross between god of war, jedi academy, and ninja gaiden (especially in the difficulty department sometimes)
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