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User Info: HellViper69

8 years ago#1
I was playing through and reached planet Kasshyyk (I know it's spelled wrong but I have to leave for work), The Wookie planet. Anyway, I checked Mission Objectives and under the bonus objective, it said "Default Text." Nothing else. For the Force Points and Holocons it listed both 0/(whatever the max number was). So I went through the level obtaining every holocon and at the end it still stated I had 0/15 holocons. I then selected the Choose Mission and went back to it. It displayed the same thing. Has anyone else ever had this happen and if so, is there a fix for it? I searched glitch and didn't see anything of use. Thanks

User Info: raw_meta4

8 years ago#2
there is more info on this glitch at the 360 board. I came over to see if you guys were getting the same glitch. I haven't beaten the game and and I dont want to continue if there is no way to avoid this glitch. I'd rather take a break till they patch it. The 360 board has some quick fixes, though nothing confirmed across the board. may the force be with you.

User Info: RoboNixon

8 years ago#3
Had the same issue after Kasshykk (Wookie Homeworld). Completed the game anyways, but was bummed about not getting to see objectives, though I think you can still complete them, just don't know what they are before hand.
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User Info: raw_meta4

8 years ago#4
should be able to find a faq with the objectives, altough the only one I've seen is for the Wii version o_O

User Info: Troutfisch

8 years ago#5
Would have been nice if Lucasarts could have roughed out the edges before releasing TFU.

Wonder how they could have missed that glitch though - damn quality control people (or lack thereof)...

User Info: SharkOmega

8 years ago#6
TFU has tons of glitches. In Raxis Prime (second time), occasonally when I attacked, a huge deformed...form or whatever took Starkillers place. This even happened with Starkiller and Proxy in the cut-scene.

Plus the game likes to freeze up apparently.
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User Info: Dane_J

8 years ago#7
Other than the default text, I really haven't seen much glitchiness in my game. It froze once but I'm going to blame that one on way to much going on while my PS3 had been running for many consecutive hours.

I guess I'll check around the 360 board see if there's anything we PS3 users can do about this, because I get it from lvl 5 and on.
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User Info: SharkOmega

8 years ago#8
It froze once but I'm going to blame that one on way to much going on while my PS3 had been running for many consecutive hours.

Blame it on your PS3 all you want. But I had the PS3 on for 30 minutes when I bought the game and it froze up.
MGO Name: Shark

User Info: StarWarsKart

8 years ago#9
I've gone through the game, and I had really NO bugs, No Freezing or control issues or anything, But I DID have the Default Glitch + Holocrons not updating on the last two levels, Imperial Raxus Prime and Death Star, but that was about it.
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User Info: Sprite_14

8 years ago#10
Wow, you guys are getting this ridiculous glitch too. I just got it playing the 360 version. Quite the let down as I was enjoying the game up to this point. Now I dont know if I want to play further until a patch is released. This is totally unacceptable, it appears the glitch is highly probable and I cant believe it made it to the final retail copy. I hope people make a massive stink about this so that Lucas Arts gets a patch out to us all as soon as possible. Totally ridiculous imo.
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