dlc is not on psn

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User Info: godslayer61

4 years ago#1
i just bought this game and the 2nd one and theres no dlc on psn ,the game is not on there even i searched and only found part 2.
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User Info: NelloAngelo

4 years ago#2
How funny I just got both today myself and noticed the same thing, outside of getting a new copy of part one Sith Edition, I think we are both screwed. :/
~ La Vita Nuova ~

User Info: NelloAngelo

4 years ago#3
Never mind just found it! Go to search and type in "The Force Unleashed" and you will find the individual Dlc.

Apprentice Mission Pack $9.99
Character Pack 1 $4.99
Character Pack 2 $4.99
Hoth Mission Pack $9.99
Tatooine Mission Pack $9.99

Ridiculously expensive when you compare it to Force Unleashed 2 Dlc ( just $1.99 for a character pack and mission ) $40, crazy.
~ La Vita Nuova ~

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