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User Info: MrStarkiller

4 years ago#1
Previous threads:



So SBK and I are both vets of SWFU1. Findlestick made a good showing for techniques in the game, but no runner came to make use of them. Pity. Gent worked on SWFU2 (not the DLC though).

NOTE: I used Wulf's thread (aside from TUGOWU proper) for copypasta regarding some recent GoW:A testing you might find interesting: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/667703-god-of-war-ascension/66015146

User Info: SBK91

4 years ago#2
I used Wulf's thread (aside from TUGOWU proper) for copypasta regarding some recent GoW:A testing you might find interesting

Superb work as always. Shield Plume fuelled Soul dump/Electric lock/Fire bombs may make Ascension the most broken title in the series.

>Nut's suspened

A bit squirrelly, that one.

Gorgons aren't a big concern with the AI boundary, but the other Siren at a given time will be an ass.

You may be able to manipulate both of them to spawn near the edge. Getting two out of the way at once would go a long ways to making the fight more manageable.

And I'd leave it at that while preventing even their means to escape me with death.

"I will release you from your life, my son, but your torment is just beginning."-Zeus

No wigs in use, yes?

Sam's hair is all natural.

Finished NUR S rank and No Customization (no upgrades, skills, uniques or alternate bodies). Cleared Excelsus with no damage and two Zandatsus, but got an A for missing the Combo requirement (had 19 hits and needed 20). Armstrong was probably the hardest part of the run after the dual GRADs with the regular body. Phase 1 can be ended quickly with subweapons. For the fight proper, triangle attacks are your best bet, since they won't cancel into parries, stagger him well, and are the only reasonable way to reach the f****** 100 Combo requirement without Ripper BM abuse (not possible with a Lv. 0 Murasama). The final heart cutting is tricky with the regular body, moreso with Red Armor.

No Customization was less interesting and, with the exception of Excelsus, less difficult. Being able to take hits, stealth, and skip fights makes things a lot less stressful (similiar to a Wooden Sword run). It can be difficult to avoid Armstrong's burst attack without the dodge, but otherwise it felt fine defensively.

Did R05 and R06 with No Upgrade No Skills Blue Armor Inhibited Wooden Sword. Lots of stealth and fight skipping in the latter. Desperado Cyborgs can take a lot of pounding, best to perfect parry then execute. FC energy generation is crap. Rocket users will be a pain. Sam took half an hour. He becomes very flighty to sword attacks once he loses his sword and seems impervious to subweapons. A square hit does .1%. Raeng's done the run on VH and claims Mistral's block can be gotten around by getting her to block then flanking her. Rocket users and Desperado Mastiffs/Raptors pose a serious issue. Excelsus is likely to be PAIN+ Persephone levels of grind.

I'd say NUR S rank was the most enjoyable run. Definitely recommend a NUR (skills, uniques and alternate bodies allowed), if not going for S ranks. May do NURs with each weapon. Lots of ways to work around power (stealth, BM, Ripper, executions, charged Pincer attacks, friendly fire, even some ringouts). The game's at its best when it's an Action puzzle. Inhibited Wooden Sword runs (upgrades or not) are probably the hardest.

User Info: MrStarkiller

4 years ago#3
>most broken
Now if only the damage were there...

The boy will likely come back swinging (like a fool).

>go a long way
Yeah, maybe. Just knowing we can use air OS into air block to pull them should help.

>torment is just beginning

>all natural
I'm just surprised they didn't give a wig for regenerating life if they would allow infinite Ripper and infinite BM. Best way to earn such things? Get Lightning God and prove you don't need it.

>100 combo requirement
Sounds awful. Such is the way of 'ranks' at times.

>being able to ignore rank
Feels good.

>avoid without the evade
Good times. Imagine Sam without the evade.

>stealth and fight skips
To be expected.

>half an hour
From what I've seen of non-Ripper unarmed, I suppose one hour was a very conservative estimate of Armstrong's real fight. Perhaps more like two hours.

>Roy claims
Haven't known the boy to lie, so it is worth looking into.

>PAIN+ Persephone levels of grind
Sounds lovely.

>NUR focus runs
Sounds like something I'd be interested in doing.

>ways to work around Power
The things I tend to most enjoy. Thus GoW and SWFU.

User Info: SBK91

4 years ago#4
Now if only the damage were there...

Shhh. If they learn the Shield isn't crap, they'll probably patch the Hell out of it.

The boy will likely come back swinging (like a fool).

His boxing coach taught him better than that. Haymakers are for amatuers.


It wasn't a retcon, Fear possessed Zeus and Hope were planned from the beginning *runs*.

Get Lightning God and prove you don't need it.

Damn straight. Instead, we get our Wigs for clearing Hard.

Sounds awful.

You can get away with 80, but that's cutting it close. Armstrong can break your combo at any point with his wall of fire, debris tossing, and QTE punches.

Such is the way of 'ranks' at times.

Thank Allah MGR doesn't demand perfection (Pure Platinum) and has plentiful checkpoints.

Imagine Sam without the evade.

...Mother of God.

Perhaps more like two hours.


Haven't known the boy to lie, so it is worth looking into.

I certainly will. I'd tackle R03 first and maybe R02 before risking getting stuck.

Sounds lovely.

I couldn't imagine it without Nanopastes.

Sounds like something I'd be interested in doing.

No Armor Breaker trivializing everything either. I'd not want to use Murasama much.

Gave NUR+ on DMC4 a shot. It pulls a LoS and doesn't let you start a new game on DMD, and there's two difficulties to play through first. Neat. Cleared Normal. Three guesses who's the better character. Nero has three melee attacks without upgrades; ground string, air string, and the launcher. Worthless piece of crap. Enemy step being an upgrade makes it unsafe to be in the air against bosses. Dante has roughly half his arsenal. Charged/just framed Full Steam (Straight) makes a workable replacement for Real Impact, though Distortion isn't very viable (Full Steam is harder to Distort and you only get one use without extra DT runes). Sticking to a Lv. 1 charge is recommended for bosses. Dark Slayer isn't bad for damage, as you keep the entire moveset. No Aerial Rave for Swordmaster Rebellion. Shotgun remains great for knockback.

User Info: MrStarkiller

4 years ago#5
>patch it
"Go ahead. Make my day." - Dirty Harry

This implies I'll ever have a reason to get such a patch.

>for amateurs
And for one with a small gas tank and poor fuel efficiency, this is just asking for a war of attrition. All too easy.

>planned from the start
Hmmm, yes. Certainly. Such is their foresight.

>clearing Hard
>the highest setting is VVH
*knowing glance*

>doesn't demand perfection
Usually the ranks are quite forgiving. Usually.


>pulls LoS
Oh, good.

>enemy step as an upgrade
Ah, yes. That happened. But remember. It's better than DMC3. It has 'all da styles at once'.

User Info: SBK91

4 years ago#6
This implies I'll ever have a reason to get such a patch.

But GMG, how are you supposed to experience MP then?

Such is their foresight.

They were even wise enough to give the weakest Kratos canonically the weakest gameplay Kratos too.

Usually the ranks are quite forgiving.

Thank God the Lobby doesn't require no damage.


As part of the series, I'll do the NUR then drop it for good. Noticed you can't switch cancel guns. At all. Ranking is out of the question. It doesn't have a proper SS and forces you to break environmental objects for orbs. Miss one? noSS4u

Oh, good.

You can imagine my joy at experiencing Nero's puzzle sections again. He makes Ascension look not limited.

It's better than DMC3.


It has 'all da styles at once'.

Yep. Because all the Styles contribute equally in all situations and none of them were nerfed in the least, especially GS and RG.

Blue Armor Wooden Sword NUR+ is done. Lot more fun than I thought it'd be. Regular cyborgs are handled with Perfect Parry to Execution. Perfect parry brings all cybrogs, regular Gekkos, and regular Raptors to execution, but not Mastiffs. Ripper Mode Perfect Parry one shots ANY normal foe even under these conditions. Tested it on the first Hammerhead, two air s1's dealt 1% damage, two Ripper air s1's did 10.7%. So Ripper inflicts 10x-11x damage to normal enemies, on top the auto cutting. Bosses get a small damage increase, but not much.

Cleared the dual GRADs on my first attempt. Perfect parried the first melee attack, then a Ripper PP took care of the subordinate. Rest was chipping with square hits (triangle aren't cancellable enough). For the Garden, abused Red Phosphorus and t,t,Ripper t,s,t to take out the rocket users, then Ripper PP on the Mastiffs. Excelsus went as expected. Got lucky with him using multiple blade attacks in a row and cleared the fight in 31 minutes.

Mistral was the most interesting. I couldn't get Raeng's flanking method to work at all on REV. The only melee that works is a single triangle hit after one of her attacks for .2%. Went into the fight with 5 grenades, 5 rocket launchers and 5 homing missiles. Grenades deal a little less than 3%, rockets/missiles a little less than 5%. If you're not at point blank the rocket launchers have a good chance of missing, so AIM CAREFULLY. The only good time to hit her with a sub is during a grab. Phase 1, let her cartwheel into the barrels for 10%+ cumulatively and used 3 grenades. Chipped until Stage 2.

Her slingshot dive attack leaves her back opened. Used my remaining grenades, then hit her back with t,t,t,s until S3. For S3, we have about 10% from the barrels on top our subweapons. You need to inflict 40%+ to end the fight. It's very doable so long as you're patient. Don't want to imagine the run without subs, items or Ripper.

User Info: SBK91

4 years ago#7
Started LoS NUR+ on Very Hard, up to Chapter 5. The only difference I've noticed from Hard is increased damage. Lucifer's a decent boss when Ultimate Light/Shadow isn't wrecking his s***. His attack stacking is neat, especially the summons. Run's going as expected. Lots of Holy Jump and grabs. Don't have many options magic wise, pretty much just Holy Jump, Shadow Gauntlet attacks *MP inefficient* and subweapons.

User Info: SBK91

4 years ago#8
LoS NUR+ is finished. A neat trick is to hold L3+R3 to absorb a bit of Light and Shadow magic so you can follow Holy Jump with a Shadow Tremor Punch. This removes the charge time and gives better/prolonged stagger. For Lucifer, when he has the circles on the ground, he won't attack you, so you can pound the crap out of him. Note the Light/Shadow system works both ways for him; if you're the opposite you'll take lots of damage, but if you're the same you'll take almost nothing.

In my quest to avoid the Clones as long as possible, I'll tackle DMC1 NUR+ next. Should be fun. Woo hoo life system.

User Info: SBK91

4 years ago#9
Some bloke started a Raiden/Sam versus Dante topic: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/960699-metal-gear-rising-revengeance/66035554

It quickly spiraled into Kratos vs Raiden, with the TC saying magic wouldn't affect Raiden for God knows what reason, technology could beat magic, etc. Then Hamster, Oni and Roxas showed up spouting s*** about Asura beating Bayonetta (again). Ham's new favorite tactic is to claim nothings canon and the environment can affect Bayonetta while she's intangible, while she can't directly hurt Asura.

Run's going pretty rough so far. Got 20 something deaths and I'm only on Mission 4. The life system is ridiculous. If you save a file with 0 lives, die, it makes you reload your previous save...with 0 lives. May be able to farm them by abusing the save system, but I'm a few missions away. Used an item to clear Phantom. Once I get through Mission 5 I'll be done with the shielded enemies for a while, with Ifrit and the Grenade Gun not far off. Got NG2 for 360 (roommate).
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