Do you get to see Juno nude in this game?

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  3. Do you get to see Juno nude in this game?

User Info: libatako

9 years ago#21
^ like who? it your mom!?

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User Info: JEDIJT76

9 years ago#22
DONT go to the wiki article unless you want some serious plot points spoiled..!!

User Info: calebtheshark

9 years ago#23
MARIS BROOD IS HOTTER!! HOTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will kill Juno if its an option

User Info: Zombie_Cutsman

9 years ago#24
Is this HONESTLY a post?
What are we? 13??
you can see REAL pictures of REAL boobs for free on the internet...
Why pay $62.45 for pixel boobs?

User Info: VioletZer0

9 years ago#25
So you're telling me, tiger, that if she was ALL OVER YOUR BODY (irl) you wouldn't tap that?

I wouldn't, I am not fond of that sort of thing.
Communication error, by "nothing cool", I meant "Did you say bat mitzvah, how young are you, holy crap"
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User Info: The_Aggressor

9 years ago#26
I would take her out to EAT. lolol
Common sense is not common.

User Info: Shadowlink2213

9 years ago#27
NO, you perverted 15 year-old!
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User Info: Dissonance2003

9 years ago#28
What if they surprise us? If we get to see her nude, I am gonna record it!

Someone has never heard of the ESRB. Just go play God of War again. Or better yet, get a girlfriend.
I don't like you

User Info: i_am_AcTive

9 years ago#29
.........WTF!!!!!.........YOU PERV!!!! Let me guess you used the glitch where you can look up Ashleys skirt in Resident Evil man your pathetic!

User Info: baddude1337

9 years ago#30
I think some of you lot seriously need a girlfriend. Especially if you want to have sex with a fictional CGI character. >_>
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  3. Do you get to see Juno nude in this game?

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