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User Info: A_Charred

7 years ago#1
How often does Nook put up Spotlight items? It's very rare in my town. Do I need to increase my Feng Shui to get him to put up the spotlight things? Also, Redd only sell fake paintings, and the items I've already bought off of Nook. Does anything determine when he puts up for sale original or new items?
The sign in the parking garage says to "park at your own risk". How do I know which "risk" is mine?

User Info: katysu

7 years ago#2
Spotlight items in Nook, real paintings & increasing Redd only times in Redd are aparently all affected by feng shui.
Liquefy, section 49, he details it out.

Feng shui in all the rooms count.
A high count certainly has helped me, but I still get my fair share of fake paintings.
Spotlights: I don't always record in my notes as they are relatively common so can't give you a figure. (every other week?? - guessing)
Again with Redd only items - yes they do appear, but not every time.

Not sure what extra characters do - in acww you needed at least one other human character to get spotlights. I've seen no posts saying this is also true for accf.
But I do have all 4 characters made.

Does having a high feng shui count for all 4 characters, make a difference?
Presumably Redd's items are predetermined whatever character visits him first?
I don't know tho.
All my characters do have high feng shui counts.
The painting: from what I can remember from a post where a hacker had looked at paintings - he came to the conclusion that whether it was going to be real or not was determined at the point of sale - hence the feng shui count of the character buying may well be important.

I've got reasonable feng shui in all 4 character houses, but its never been maxed out as I've got saved up fish/bugs in the upper & basement rooms. (for flea markets).
When (if I ever) I reach November 2009 (I'm still in Aug 2009), I'll give up flea markets (I want to do Sept & Oct) & max out the feng shui to see what happens.
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