The Terrible Secret of Animal Crossing

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User Info: quittaboi78

9 years ago#1
Ah, Animal Crossing. The delight of delights, the pleasure upon pleasures, the butterscotch on my calves (er, ignore that last one)... The heavens of the pseudo-reality sims smile upon the fortunes of the Animal Crossing games, offering a meager blessing to this goddess among gods as they decide rather to send her a biscuit so she'll get off the mortal pole. Ah, yes, Animal Crossing is bliss...

Or is it?

No. The truth is far worse. Wherein Animal Crossing lies a terrible secret, a lie of lies, a scheme of schemes, the turkey around the stuffing! For you see, once you enter Animal Crossing, you can never come back. Sure, you can mail letters to your "mom" or chat with the locals, but the truth is far more severe. You'll enter Animal Crossing. You'll become Animal Crossing. Animal Crossing kills. This is the account of but one of them. Gaze on it, and never speak of it again, for your view of camp shall forever change...
Whoever started using the word "canon" in this context, anyway?
I hear it all the time now, and I'd like to slap him. - Green Gibbon!

User Info: MINION9009

9 years ago#2
you can check out anytime you like but you can never leaveeeeee!
One for my fellow CC's that got the boot.
The rest of us won't be to far behind.

User Info: madogmgd

9 years ago#3

THE TRUTH SHALL BE REVEALED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Madogmgd is as crazy as Lord Sheograth Himself! - Madogmgd
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User Info: KaiRyusaki

9 years ago#4
that's a long read
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User Info: sonicfreak0221

9 years ago#5
5/5 would read again.
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User Info: Nocterayne

9 years ago#6
Oh my god, this stuff is hilarious.
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User Info: Rebelphoenix

9 years ago#7
I guess this proves that Animal crossing is what you make of it.
Obama/Biden '08 - Bros before Hoes.

User Info: Y2JosHBK386

9 years ago#8
I have to bump this 5/5 post.
a little more wiki a little less choice band will fix you right up

User Info: tigerfreak5

9 years ago#9
That story is really good. I like it lots ^_^
"Never assume; you will always be wrong." -Popi
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